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So, the BOONEQUEST EPILOGUE comic pages are proving to be really difficult (a claim will be hilarious to you in retrospect) and I felt like I should make a little bit of cute content just to let people know I haven't forgotten about it. Gonna finish this.

So here, the first of may be many little drawings of Boonequest characters in weird outfits under the ongoing fascicle premise of Boonequest being a real and replayable game.

Regarding that, since the BOONEQUEST EPILOGUE is proving to be a struggle , I was considering doing another one of those 'Scattered Shots' stories like I did for Raege a while back but with another character, one that's been less fleshed out.

Current options are:

C-16 : 5
Kaz Grin :3
Lyle McClannahan: 2
Lara Minhelm: 11  *WINNER*
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Take your time, Mr. C. We're happy to be patient where Boone's involved. :) (Well, speaking for myself, at least.)
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I love how Daneel's chest hair is in the perfect shape. Honestly I bet that is natural. 
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Wait, does that mean Daneel is the Saxton Hale of the 41st millennium?
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Late on the draw here but I think Scattered Shots has to be the best thing you've done. It made Connie into a truly great character so I'd be excited to see whoever else get a similar treatment.
+1 for Minnie.
Minhelm.  She was such a powerhouse during the quest, helped us through thick and thin.  Even though she was in the party pretty often, there is still a lot we don't know about her.  She's earned some time in the spotlight.
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Minhelm all the way!
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Toss me in for Minhelm too
What do we need for Maid Cuddles?
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Lara Minhelm seems like she might have an interesting story or two to tell.
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Possible. What makes you say that?
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She has a built in rivalry with the praetorians, so any combat story would be interesting, and we haven't seen much about her off the battlefield (though we got a few hints from the pinup a while back) so any slice of life story would show off some stuff we don't normally see.
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If we see Minhelms story, it'll be less time-jumping clips of her life and more just a short story about her on a mission, giving us a better glimpse of her character.
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Gotta say, Kaz is one of my favorites
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I sometimes wonder what would have happened if chaos found Boone first. like a lord of time seeing her in his future, making sure the black ship get there first.
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Man.  So Awesome.  I'm just imagining them all with these sprites throughout boone quest.  Great stuff man
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I am really glad you think so? Do you have any thoughts on the poll?
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Ah yes, I'd put my vote for minhelm
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We got a lot of hints as to her backstory in Boonequest and I'd like to see more of it, what made her what she is since she is neither a run of the mill iron guard or a bad one.  That and I'd love to find out more about her relationship with Wesk Calliban since they are such an unlikely pair but are known roomates.
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The plan is to show snippets of her past then finish the comic with a side story about her and Wesk on a mission. Looks like you're in luck!
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