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Scattered Shots: Lara Minhelm 01
By Mr-Culexus   |   Watch
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Published: May 10, 2016
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She cleaned herself up as best she could.


It's such an obvious line, it seems like it must MUST be from something. Just not something I've seen, read or played.

I think this is gonna be longer than the Raege one, but sporadic. We haven't seen the last of Raege snippets, either.
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Still infected, STILL HERETIC
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In case it wasn't been answered. The line is from Paradise Lost. It's Satan's attempts to rationalize why it's so much better for him to be ruling Hell. 
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If you're really the first person to think of that dialogue exchange, you deserve to live in literary history. 
Mr-Culexus's avatar
I googled the fuck out of it, but my google fu does suck. I'm still none the wiser.
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Wahooo a new comic ^^
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IllikanUndergroundHobbyist General Artist
I am loving your art at the moment Mr. C!
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This is still one of my most favorite quotes from this entire series, Paradise Lost or not! It gives it a new spin with Raege that gives me shivers :)
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NoMansLand40kHobbyist Digital Artist
what font do you use for your comics?
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Sorry, I misread the question. It's called 'action man'.
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Culexus' shading has really improved. Adds a lot of depth to the characters. The patchy beard on Yellow Hoodie makes him look like a teenager, or Egoraptor or something, and Minhelm's face really looks like she's been smeared in dust and grease. And, of course, looking forward to more of his storytelling which is always god-tier.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
I had not noticed that he looks like egoraptor, but I totally see what you mean. I can imagine him sounding like that, too.
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Fish-with-a-KnifeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Best response to that line I've ever read.
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Best response from best character.
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pfft worst game of lord of the spire ever mercs are fun but no gangs what were they thinking!
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Maybe it was a government sponsored insentive to make some of the gangs disperse. Emp knows it'd work on some of them.
Evil-Midnight-Bomber's avatar
Better to serve in heaven than serve in hell. I've never understood why people make the assumption they'll be the one reigning in hell.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
A certain personality type I guess
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NoMansLand40kHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh shit! A sign of life past April. That's a relief. I'm not kidding, this isn't sarcasm. I genuinely feared the worst.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
I'm alright. Just working a night job and a day job. 
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This looks like an interesting story~
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Some people toil in the earth, Some were meant so soar in the stars.
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