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Ragged Edges: C-16

I like the Attilans even though they seem like kind of a waste of points on the modern battlefield (possibly wrong I don't tend to be Captain Tactics) and the models are really out of date.

The name, as it turns out came from me watching top gear, and they announced the guest was street musician "Sea Sick Steve". I misheard it as "C-16" and got all excited because I thought he was some sort of nameless guy who went by some sort of registration number.

Someone having a code like name, for whatever reason was just awesome to me. So I carried it over.

That annecdote was more interesting in my head.
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you know antisocial actually means psychotic not unsociable.
Aaaaam, do you known that the actual world is called Attila, and not Atilla?
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I did not know that! Thanks for the heads up!
You're welcome, by the way this is the only fail in your knowledge about 40k i found(and it's a minor thing) so you can be proud of yourself! :)
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I am proud of others. Never myself.
Translation from Mandarin...

"Me. Vampire. Revenge. Very quickly."

It's my mother tongue... :)
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Cool. my apologies for future butcherings then. Or perhaps I oughtta consult you.
Well, hahaha... It's a decent translation.

僵尸, or "Jiang Shi" is quite literally walking corpse... but the modern Chinese people term it Vampire. :D

Hen Kuai, only means "soon" when its used in relation with something else. Like...

I'll be taking revenge soon.

But Hen Kuai by itself means "very quickly".

Just my two cents worth :).
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In her instance, she was meant to be calling herself the walking dead
Oh okay, it makes sense now, so she is the walking dead meant to avenge the death of her comrades. Even with the butchered mandarin, with the context it makes perfect sense. And the fact she's probably too mentally scarred to form a single coherent sentence... Brilliant. :)
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Wait, shouldn't she be speaking Mongolian instead? I'm not one to complain, but it doesn't really fit the bill that Attilans should be speaking Mandarin (considering they were based on Mongols and all). :shrug:
Mongolians? Man, did you failed at history in school or you don't know about Huns? Atilla the Hun you know....
True, but consider population pressure and the possible fact that China annexed Mongolia during the latter part of history we know nothing about. Anything is possible :3
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Also, Firefly reference FTW (even if it was unintended, it's still awesome)
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You make many good characters and this is definitely one of them. She is the mysterious warrior that in another story would be the brooding hero. Maybe she even has the legendary bad luck of Gotrek from WHFB, slaying foe after foe and surviving all of them.

Do you also play 40K? She would make a good counts-as Sly Marbo (2+ toxic in close combat because she also never washes her lance, only sharpens it). Or a unit of them as Deathseekers (counts-as Penal Legion)
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That is an AWESOME idea.
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"heroic death on battle field" >.<
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If I were a GOOD death seeking primitive I wouldn't be sittin' here discussin' it with you, now would I?
I thought Attilans would speak Mongolian... like:


Bi.Corian kegür.Ataghaci.Darui.

D'uh, weird and every translator gives different stuff.

Oh well.
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My sentiments exactly. :nod:
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Wait.... Did I hear....


There are still enough of them alive to both defect against the Imperium AND form a devastating gun battery?
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The universe is a vast and diverse place.
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