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Ragged Edges: Alice Boone

By Mr-Culexus
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The woman who would be Emperor chow.
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I guess raege has soft spot if she keeps her around.
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She is not the innovator of Raeges soft spot, but certainly the one who maintains it.
just a nuisance not a danger?
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OoOoh!!! Boone good picture man!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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I didnt mind it.
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rule 34 this o.o
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Boone rule 34 aint popular.
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it should be..............
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meh could be just my tastes but shes cute and kinda reminds me of hinata hyuuga from naruto
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Cool. Dunno the show, though.
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yeah but i do love ur charcter she just so innocent even after being made a psyker plus i lolled at when raeges and her traded places and shes like
"im cutting down your sweets ration"
"as a punishment?"
"no because your thighs rub together when you walk"

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She's a lot of fun to write for. Pretty cute too.
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I'm attempting to create this young lady and Raege in Fallout New Vegas, I'll link a picture of it if it comes out respectably close. The big challenge will be making a mod for Raege's scar, it will probably come to nothing, but it's a project.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Sounds great! I look forward to your results.
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Seems the commissar doesn't want her around. I'll be glad to take her off your hands. Dangerous or not.
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The commissar, for all her complaints would never let her out of her sight.
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Damn....oh well. Even if Reage doesn't say it, she obviously cares for her. I really love your work on Ragged Edges. Very inspirational.

But I do wonder how far Boone has gone up on the assignment scale as a psyker. It would be cool if she reached Beta level--the level of a Librarian. At that level, hunting for Eldars become much easier until an Avatar appears.

Avatar...I read a W40K crossover with avatar:the last airbender once. Poor Aang. What Alice Boone could become if she didn't have the Ragged Edges with her.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Perhaps, with enough time, and a little help from her adoptive big sister figure, she may become a worthwhile psyker. It remains to be seen.
What's her psyker level?
Since she cannot really use consciously her powers, I would say she's at Kappa level a most.
The main problem is that her powers aren't so visible as Cuddle's for example : Boone seems to be more of a precognitive psyker.
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Pi. But she's meant to be getting better.
Rho and Pi aren't supposed to be "normal humans"?
I remember seeing somewhere that someone is considered as a Psyker when he reach the 'Omicron' level, and between 'Omicron' and 'Kappa' level are the weakest psykers, the ones sended to 'feed' the Emprah.
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Gosh, really? I hadn't read that. Then yeah, she'd be omicron I guess.
I remember where I see the info about psychic levels in the Imperium :


As Rho and Pi are normal humans, and Iota the minimum level where a psyker is esteemed worth to sanctioning, I figured that Boone must be between Omicron and Kappa.

And one last question : if Boone has lived in hiding, haw she has been sanctioned? She couldn't have been in the Scholastia Psykana for training and sanctioning, as they would imediatly found she's too weak for sanctioning? Or it exist some king of "clandestine sanctioning"?
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