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More'a this junk. 
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What. What do I have to do to get my own Naive!Boone and Maid!Cuddles. Kill a Heretic? Unravel a fiendish plot? Stitch Abaddon's arms back on just so I can rip them off again?

Tell me, damn you!
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Your own?

You desire further arts?
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Well, I meant more in the sense of "oh god they're so adorable I'd literally storm the Eye of Terror for them", but if you feel like making more - yes please?
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This I will do.
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Praise be! Praise be!

May the God-Emperor bless your fleshy bitz, and may the Omnissiah never forsake thine machines!
Indeed, may Slaanesh always bless you with muse and motivation!
And despite being Naive Boone, we still completed the quest! :D Three Cheers for Saint Alice!
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Saint Alice indeed.
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Welp, I know which achievements I need.
Loooooove Naive Boone!
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Cool! She was fun to draw.
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*Heavy Breathing

Maid Cuddles......



Truly, you are a devoted Servant of the Emperor for giving us such an attractive Void Born Psyker! xD

Also, I would like to ask if the Ragged edges ever fought or worked alongside other Imperial forces like Astartes, Sororitas, Imperial Knights? And would the edges accept a Freeblade Imperial knight into their ranks if ever the situation occurs?? 
Mr-Culexus's avatar
They have interacted with Sororitas or rare association due to their associations with the inquisition, and have done occasional favors for astarte squadrons (such as placing beacons for them) but they have never fought along side them per se.

The titan unit? Unlikely, sadly.

I am glad you like this drawing!
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That's a Shame about the Knight. It would've been Epic to see the Edges fight alongside one, tearing apart Tau battlesuits and whatnot. Also, they work for the Ordo Xenos if im not mistaken right? so those astartes are most likely deathwatch?

Again, great work! I can't describe it but you work kinda has a style that just makes it so lovable!(Especially Cuddles :3) 

Speaking of Kaz emulating Snake has he ever emulated Venom Snake? (MGSV:TP)
Also, any updates on Cuddles Quest? :D
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Kaz tends to just emulate naked/solidus/solid with none of the more charismatic elements of them.
Cuddles Quest will begin once I have finished BOONEQUEST and had a chance to plan a new game. It will be short, non combat and kinda dumb, but hopefully people will like it!

I am very glad you find my style endearing! That's what I live for!
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Oh my Emperor.
Boone looks absolutely ravishing in that dress.
Just look at the stitchwork on the seams..!
Innocence incarnate!

Even as a Delta-Level psyker, she still finds time to wear such flattering things...
Oh~, I could just hand her a duster and watch her effortlessly clean those cobwebs from the corners..!

(If you can't already tell I'm jumping for joy here.)
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I am glad such simple drawings brought you such happiness.
LegionsSuicide14's avatar
Your work will always evoke some manner of emotion sir!
From me, at least.
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That's all I need.
LegionsSuicide14's avatar
One question.
Was Boone a prize daughter?
Mr-Culexus's avatar
I wouldn't say so. It was impossible to keep her from the public eye, naturally.
LegionsSuicide14's avatar
Sounds like she was more of a beloved person before Mr 'I'm Gonna Screw You Over' had to open his yapper and get Boone taken to the black ships.
...Still, may have been destiny.
Or perhaps for the purpose of creating the most inherently badass little psyker in 40K?!
(Theorizing is not my strong suit.)
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