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Boonequest Cutscene

By Mr-Culexus
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I guess not all of Boone's Valentine's Days can be good, eh?

This is a 'cutscene comic' from the quest-thread-game BOONEQUEST that I've been doing, so it wont make any sense unless you've read:[link]

Anyone commenting is free to suggest where Boone should go next.

I'm not gonna post this on /tg/ unless I'm doing a drawthread or something, it doesnt warrent posting on its own. If someone sees it posted, please let me know what anyone there suggested also.

It will determine the direction of the next chapter.

Sorry about all the Boonequest. I'll do something good at some stage soon.
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Oh how I shall enjoy watching Sapp bleed
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Vlaskiyov's avatar
I have some catching up to do...
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Hoo boy. Me too.
LordSia's avatar
Alright, that's it - gear up boys 'n gals, we're going out on a Witch Hunt...
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ZaidFouquette's avatar
Sweetness. Nice to see Meyers gets to be in action, the art on his is awesome.
Question: are you doing this on a particular day (like every other friday?) or is it a check for free time to do it?
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Its basically, whenever I have time. I'm glad you like it.
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Incidentally, is that enormous hat Boone wears some sort of psiamp? I'm not that familiar with DH equipment, but it looks too "equipment-y" to just be a hat.
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It's a focusser. It concentrates her energu, while blocking others from getting to her.
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Aah, neat. Apparently not enough to stop Waldrip, though. :(
KageRyuuUji's avatar
I'm about as confused as an Adept on the battlefield here.
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Did you follow the link to the archives.
KageRyuuUji's avatar
Yeah, and I figured the chick is supposed to be some kind of Chaos Cult leader or something like that, but it's still fairly random.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Sapp is not alligned with any of the Gods.
KageRyuuUji's avatar
Eh, cultists are all the same, doesn't matter if they align themselves with chaos or not, they still serve the great enemy.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
She is running a cult. Wherein SHE is god.
KageRyuuUji's avatar
Don't quite understand the mindset of an Inquisitor I see. Let me put it another way, all that does not serve the God-Emperor serves the Great Enemy, regardless of intent.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Ah.Now I'm with you.
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