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Boonequest Cutscene 2

By Mr-Culexus
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Still not dead! I'll keep you guessing!

I get the feeling that this is bad dialogue, but I've been aware for sometime that Boonequest is not my best work - it's just kinda fun.
At least I hope so.

I'm gonna have to redraw all of Boone's sprites now.

Also, warp ghosts. Maybe they don't work this way? I find myself worrying less about strict gw canon.
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"You're Rogal Done!" I'm using this all the time. Even in like, non-40k contests.
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Rogal done...? Oh my emperor, that was bad.
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She's not much for the burns
GW canon is all just someone's propaganda, possibly the enemy's, anyway. 
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VERY well said
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A new chapter? SUCH A BOON FOR ME. HA.
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I must see the rest of this chapter. Must.
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New Boonequest is on the way!
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It can't come soon enough for me! I love BooneQuest!
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You're on the list, yeah? You got a PM?
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I... do not know what list you speak of, so no. I don't.
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I post boonequest on the /tg/ board on 4chan. Wanna know when the next episode is?
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That explains it, I've never even seen 4chan.

And yes, I do.
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Come on Boones! Punch that weirdo Eldar armour wearing androgynous gimboid in the face! :D
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DARK eldar armor, at that!
... Dark Eldars have armors!?
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Sometimes, I guess?
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Oh gods that's just asking for trouble! Who did she have to hump/murder murderhump to get all this stuff?
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She would never offer herself forward. She did get her soldiers to gather up men women and children to be sold en masse to the pirates, though.
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Seems like a legit strategy, still I would rather send raids to take Dark Eldar slaves that I would keep for no reason other than because it would Ironic. I would make them wear berets and smoke cigars on sticks while discussing wine and black and white films.

Because that's how torture works.

Im so drunk.
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