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It was never going to be that easy!

I'm not making this up on the fly, either!  If you check the awesome archives here: you'll see that before the Sapp fight you have the injectors, and afterward you don't. Nobody noticed!


I kinda rushed this page and it shows.  I could feel myself getting sick of it and I had to either finish it quick or I know I'd put it off for weeks. 

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What's spook and slaught? I'm new to Boonequest, sorry...
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They are drugs! Slaught stops someone feeling pain and spook gives some one random psychic powers.
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So, one is space morphine and the other is bottled Perils? 

Yup, it's 40K, alright.
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Man, a month or so ago I stumbled on 1d4chan on Raege's page; since then, I have found your and Elite Pirate's job and I have loved every bit.

I'd love to see more quests and other work from you.

Are you currently running some other quests?
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Not presently, but I will
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She's fighting Boone again, faulty equipment but might be overloading so power boost, Got a bolter this time, and is hight on WAY to much drugs. So ya looks like boone is in trouble except she has her darling Commissar next to her in which case I believe that the nutty royal doesn't have Enough drugs, I mean for frig sakes there is no way she is ready to take on Raege 
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Can it be as simple as that, though?
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God no, it never is. If I know one thing about 40k it's someone is getting a laugh out of your misery. But on that same point someone is also looking out for you in significant yet smaller ways, like being able to remain concious despite looking 3 limbs to orc chopas just so you can pull a grenade pin and save your squad or having your battle worn Lazgun that's been shot and shrapneld to hell hold out just long enough to get you through the battle. It's a fun universe, for all the dark there is still the light of hope in any scenario.
I just love your work, Mr Culexus.

Question from a noob, sorry if it's obvious and I'm missing it: do you indicate somewhere when you're going to run your quest? I'd like to catch the finale (or your next quest, if Boonequest is already over and you start another), and I can't lurk on /tg/ all the time anymore.

Thank you for all your amazing characters and their stories
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I'll make sure as many people know about the next thread as possible. These days, I try to run it from 5pm central usa time onwards, for those who cant browse at work.
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Sapp now looks like ass.
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A beat down, an explosion and a drug cocktail will do that to you, I guess
Y'know, I've had players (and myself) use Slaught effectively in game.  But looking back, EVERY single time someone has used Spook it has ended VERY BADLY.  Except for the Black Crusade Slaanesh sniper chick, who has super luck skills when it comes to drugs...... no surprise.
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"Oh come on die already!" 

Gotta say this is amazing! I really enjoy your take on the universe!
I am a little sad I missed so much of this though... Hopefully I can get reminded to see Cuddles side of things ^^
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That's a while away. People will get plenty of warning.…
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Think so? Thanks
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I think I am looking at my tech priests next ridiculous upgrade.
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The jump pack?
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