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*smash cut to black as 'Rich Girl' by Hall and Oates starts playing*

Thanks for sticking with it guys! Long road, and I hope you enjoyed it. I did!

You're all wonderful!

It's just the epilogues to go.


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BOONEQUEST Finale 05 by Mr-Culexus

* * * * * * *

You thought we were gonna end this without another stupid pop culture reference? HAW!!

This page was dialogue heavy and low on action, so I thought I'd use it as an opportunity to practice weapons and fore-shortening.


Fall down 17 times, get up 18
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Oh my, taking a trip down memory lane and only just realizing that the last few panels in this page are an homage to Magnum PI, I am honestly floored I missed that! That was a very clever reference and well drawn too, my hat's off to you.

Where can I go to read Boonequest? All I've found are a few scattered pages across the net.

I can see that smash cut to rich girl so well that I listen to it every time I read this comic
Just finished reading Boonequest. So what's next? :D
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There's actually a little more Boonequest in the works yet.
That's exciting! :D

Although, come to think of it, I don't quite get why Boone asked her that question. Something to do with her pet psyker?
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You know a line of thought is flawled when it involves an *Imperial Commissar* disapproving of shooting a Chaos pawn and a traitor in the head because of non-pragmatic reasons.

Then again, Chaos and bloodloss do things to a brain.
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She’s mostly heard it as "As you wish."
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Yeah, basically.
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But was she aiming for the head or the legs?
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Oh, that was sweet, chaos chick had it coming and Alice Boone gave her the love she deserved... the Emperor's mercy.

who is boddicker ?
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I've been AFK for much of the year for a variety of the reasons, but it was a treat to come back and see that Boonequest is finally reaching the destination of its years-long odyssey. Thanks for politely smiling through all our memery and faggotry to see it through to the end, CF, you're a trooper. The original quest threads were honestly some of the most fun I ever had on /tg/.

And hey, talking about practicing art it's come along over time - even small stuff like the bags under Boone's eyes add depth. It's been a long day.

One quick Ragged Edges fluff question - I don't think I've seen the girl in the beret before, is she an established character I've just overlooked or forgotten about or is Boone reminisicing about an unseen story yet to be told?
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Welcome back, Robert! You've been missed! 
Honestly, BOONEQUEST was such a blast for me! When it first started, so many of the characters were barely realised, it was an amazing exercise for me! I am very very grateful for peoples patience with my ridiculous puzzles and abominable update schedule. It is an experience I doubt I will equal. The next quest will not be as big, I am sure.

It may have taken a decade, but it is not impossible my art has improved slightly.

The girl in the beret is Augustine Boddicker. A character in invented relatively recently but who is meant to have been wit the Edges for a large chunk of their career. She is meant to have perished on Sirens Den along with Tornic, Branz, Redding and McClannahan.

A hot headed, mean spirited, opportunistic, ex con from Gunpoint, who ultimately just has a lot to prove and who romanticises the old west. She is seen here watching Boone to see whether she will take the shot she needs to. It's exactly the sort of thing she cares about. So, her spirit watches.

Boddicker has yet to appear in any comics, but is one of the stars of the ask blog, and has been sketched occasionally.
Damn, how did I miss this for so long? Well done, can't wait to see the epilogue.  I suspect that what with this being 40k and all that the planet might just get exterminatused anyway.  I hope to the new recruits setting in and old favorites adjusting to them.  But mostly, I want to see Boone adapting to this growth of character.  She's no longer the innocent (I'm getting into archetypal theory so bear with me), this campaign and finale have seen to that, but what she will be is yet to be seen. I can't really see Boone as the sage or creator, I could see her as the caregiver, lover, or perhaps most intriguing, especially for the setting, the magician.  Whatever comes, I look forward to seeing it.
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I am very glad! I hope I can entertain you!
Who's the ghost lady? I can't seem to remember.
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Boddicker. Relatively new character.
Grim Boone is Grim. XD Very nice conclusion. Lots of character development in a few panels.
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