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Drew this back in October with the idea that would at least be done quickly. Hoo boy.

I still don't hate the panel where Boone is cradling Raege at least. It's a rare moment, and I like how they both look, facially.
It's really a shame I picked then to fuck up the continuity on Boone's belt. 

It's moving things along if nothing else. Nearly done.

I wonder if the guy who recommend that Boone heal the drugs out of Sapp realised that the comic is still influenced by peoples comments?

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BOONEQUEST Finale 06 by Mr-Culexus
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Oh my Emprah, Culexis.

I have been out of touch far too long. I can't believe you remembered that. This is fantastic.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
What'd I remember?
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The bit about using toxic siphon to purge an enemy on combat drugs. That was. . . over three years ago, I think. :D
Mr-Culexus's avatar
oh! SHit! yeah, it think so!
It was a really good idea!
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The last lesson to learn in combat in Warhammer 40k... In 41'st millennium Never underestimate your opponent even if she looks harmless and cute like Alice Boone. 

Or an auto-gun to the face will be the last thing you ever see. 
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Okay after seeing everything in the "ragged edges" folder..... i believe when i said i was gonna read your other shit, you said "prepare to be disappointed".....

Well i'm disappointed to have reached the end of the folder for now. Don't sell yourself short, dude. Your shit's great. 
Mr-Culexus's avatar
You are incredibly kind!
Agrophias's avatar
That's funny, i always thought i was an asshole lol
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End this madness.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
When you least expect it
Nice plot development with "removing drugs" effect. Seriously, in RPG games remove poison spells should also destroy positive buffs.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Well, that'd be logical.
considering ALL poisons are just drugs, and Biomancy should remove *any* drug influence...yeah
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For maximum justice, knock her cold and give the coordinates to Toullemonde.  Give her the eighty petajoule 'get bent.'
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The emperor's mercy, Boone truly is kind. Hope she doesn't take having to hand this out to harshly.
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ok, I HAVE to ask: wtf was the condom for??? Because the game is nearly over and that's the only thing in the inventory that was never used and I'd be lying if I didn't think that if it's not relevant to the final mini-game (like taunting her that she's gonna die a virgin not knowing what this thing is even for or w/e), or that it could've been used in the ending (why Connie, is that what you were looking for all this time? *tee-hee*) then I have no earthly idea what it was for.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
I threw it in as a tiny reference to Ruby Quest, not the first quest I read, nor my favourite but still one I found inspiring.

A lot of items in Boonequest weren't for any one purpose, I just put things in there to see what people would do with them.

A condom is stretchy and can hold a lot of liquid.
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facepalm. It was an alternative to the empty soda can.
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What's the cable on her back for? Her psyker helmet?
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Yep. It's the power cable
I'm torn between Boon either executing Sapp in badass silence or making a quick reference to poor Waldrip.  Maybe both, if Boon is the sort of person for post-mortem one liners vs pre-death one liners.  However this ends, I'll be sad that it's over but glad that it gets an ending.
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