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I'm not back. This is an illusion. You can tell because it looks jankier than usual

Nearly over.

Neeeeearly over.

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BOONEQUEST Finale 05 by Mr-Culexus
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Hee hee hee .. Make them suffer Boone.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Boone is justice. Boone might not be suffering.
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So, Culexus, what would have been different if we went with the path of HNNNNG?
Mr-Culexus's avatar
best (but not true) end
MaruKan's avatar
Best end should always be true end.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Well that's true. It would just be the more fan servicey end. Not actually best.

People are on track for best /true end. They could still fuck up, though.
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They best fucking NOT fuck up.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
I'll bee keeping my eye on the comment section
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... I'm almost scared to see what Boone does to Sapp on the next page...

Considering how bubbly and unquenchably cute Boone always has been.... that makes it even scarier.

My money is that Raege digs it.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
I'm not even sure Raege is still conscious.
hmsnike's avatar
Well, she's going to hear about the results, I'd guess.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
well, that much is true
hmsnike's avatar
Well, I'm fairly sure that having Sapp totally wrecked by meek, little old Boone will gain many points of approval from the Commissar.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
If Boone can handle this properly, no doubt Raege will be impressed. i think anyone would be.
The Warp is toying with me. I checked your gallery as well as my notifications and this did not appear once...only now am I seeing it.

I love and hate the fickleness of Chaos.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
I swear some things get hidden.
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Man Boone is so done with her shit she's bankrupt on cute.  Hurting Conrad will do that.

Sorry I'm so late responding to this.  I have had a time.  Hope you've been doing well.

So, comparing current Sapp to her pre-boonifying is pretty great.  All the shading on her face in the first panel REALLY makes a difference.  The hard lines around her mouth and eyes are great for showing where there would be complete folds on the mostly dead woman, but the shading gives a real illusion of depth to her chin and brow the the ink alone wouldn't.  Especially that line coming out of her hair.  That's like...the best part,  she's become gaunt, you can see her fucking skull like the skin is melting off her bones.  And you made that difference with ONE shade line.  Seriously your shading on faces has come a long way.  Presuming that Sapp's first form intentionally had flawless skin (makes sense) she looks like she's aged 30 years in what?  An hour?  I guess even the Juvinats is melting away.  Fantastic.  That and the bloodshot eyes convey how close to dead she is....that and fueled by Hate and Drugs of course.  But yeah.  Even if I hadn't been involved in the whole of Boonequest I'd definitely still get the gist of how frayed Sapp is in that one panel alone.  Great job for making someone look SO worn and hate filled.

As far as Boone goes the kick is just plain cathartic to me.  I can feel her fury and share it.  Sapp is a great love to hate villain.  I hope she realizes when she DOES run out of juice with enough time left to die scared and alone.  Kick her shit in Boone.

Artistically I'd say the shading on Boone's skirt is pretty great because it makes it look like it's being stretched to accommodate the kick.  Also is it jut me or did you remember to have her skirt ride up a bit since her legs are spread so much?  Something I always admire is your lines.  Her thighs flow naturally into her calves.  I'm not sure how often I see you do legs, but in this case it's pretty spot on.  All in all, great kick.

As for the last panel, I'd say it's one of your best faces actually.  She is definitely on model.  But the expression is SO fucking done it's perfect.  Kinda all of Boone's experiences rolled up into one expression.  That and BOONE actually calling someone a brat?  Our little psyker has grown up SO much in these last few.....god damn what year was it when Boonequest started?  No matter.  Worth the wait.

I can't wait to see how our diminutive psyker wraps this up and I hope Conrad comes to in time to watch it cause it's gonna be amazing.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Yeah, hurting the commissar is some next level stuff for Boone. A great and terrible rage.

Don't worry about having other things to do. Life is busy and your comments are always worth waiting for. I hope that lifes not getting you down. It's hard to balance obligation and sanity sometimes. Keep at it.

I wanted to make it clear from the beginning that Sapp was actually a fairly attractive person, physically. Many people (myself included , big time) tend to cheat with their villains and heroes. Evil is ugly, good is pretty. Sapp's repulsiveness comes from her personality and the disdain for all besides herself that is always visible on her face. She has fooled people for years and gotten her way. But the combination of warp based drugs and the agitation of anyone defying her is cracking her veneer. An average looking person can have a smile that lights up the room because of the heart behind it. Sapps scowl and her petulant snarl is who she is, and Boone is showing that.

Originally, Boone was meant to punch Sapp in the groin or stomach, with Sapp making a goofier face. The result is basically the same and it would have been easier to draw. However,  I worry that such attacks are, by their nature somehow more comical and less vicious despite hurting just as much if not more. I did want Boones attack (and ongoing interruption of Sapps bad guy cliche dialogue) to be funny and satisfying but with more dynamism anger and power. Funny, sure. But mostly angry. It's a really loud kick in my head. Like a small car crash almost.

In the end I was okay with how the kick looked. Sort of a spinning back kick, I guess.  I wanted to make it clear via the arc of Boones psy energy and, as you say the strain on the fabric. I initially panicked about the angle of her legs resulting in kind of a fanservicy shot. I like fanservice, and want to get better at it but again I worried it would detract from the panel. Time and place. I was really glad her leg didn't look too weird.

It was really fun drawing Boone, still obviously meaning to have the same facial features but in a different, more serious style. My recent (largely unposted) attempts to draw various characters with more realistic or detailed faces has been helping me understand how much I can change while still being on model. Boone has the advantage of having a fairly simple face and one that I've had to draw semi serious close ups of before (because both cultist and wissil, who she shares a face with, have had those). Basically though, yeah I was as happy as I could be after the initial rush passed with the final panel. Boone is sweet, hopeful and kind but she is no longer as naive and has developed a better understanding of the choices people have in life and how they react to adversity. She's seen a lot. Through her eyes and other peoples. She knows no one HAS to be like Sapp is. She is officially sick of her shit.

Boonequest is very much Boones story. I think subsequent character focused quests will be fun and flesh things out for the universe and that character, but will fall short of this. Boone's not a combatant, and has more flaws than most, so her arc will be more interesting than most. At least that's the idea. Ha ha.

Boonequest started on the 27th April 2011. Absolute madness. I had basically just met my fiance. Still in university. Man that's crazy. MAN I'M SLOW.

I don't know how much of this Conrad is taking in, but hopefully she knows on some level.
Sirwilson95's avatar
Thanks for understanding.

You accomplished the goal there I'd say.  Sapp IS attractive but very haughty in her earlier appearances which is very well delivered.  Even her battle pictures in the first round with Boone make her attractive.  It's a stark contrast to now.  That was very well done and it's impressive to see it pulled off.

Yeah the kick came across well.  You can feel the impact.  I do agree with your judgement that although the simpler strike would have been serviceable on the surface it would SEEM less intense.  Maybe just because us modern humans have a sense of fair play.  But also because though pain may be greater from a groin punch, the DAMAGE from a kick to the face is WAY greater.  Sapp likely has SEVERAL broken bones in her face from that kick alone.  She just isn't feeling it right now cause of the drugs.  I've been roundhouse kicked in the face.  THROUGH a helmet it fractured bones.

In terms of the angle of the kick that does come through thanks to the lines I mentioned, the stretched fabric, and now I look for it the lines of psy energy definitely add to it as well.

As far as fan service goes, here it's I think, the right example of fan service in an action scene done right.  It's incidental.  She didn't stretch MORE to offer fan service.  She just offered a practical kick and didn't give a damn if a panty shot happened because that's not even in the BACK of her mind right now.  Like the pic of a prose peace for Conrad in a high society duel a few years ago.  Conrad's dress was tattered showing PLENTY but the sexuality of it was barely even noticeable because the POINT of it was that her clothes were tattered to allow her to FIGHT.  I feel like the best lewd of all is either incidental because the party involved doesn't CARE that it's lewd, or when it's deliberate and the party knows it's lewd but embraces it (like the Milhelm calendar panel).

Those un-posted character sketches sound AWESOME and I'd love to see them.  Maybe some could find their way into your scrap folder?

As a side note, would you be able to at some point post the calendar pages as either a 2018 calendar, or with blank spots where the calendar was so I can paste in one. (I'll gladly post the edits so you and others can see them)
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Oh man, my sympathies regarding being kicked in the face. Dunno how I've never broken anything sometimes. I had a friend who wanted to practic capoeira and COULD NOT judge distances properly. Hope you healed up alright.

I think the crackling energy from Boone is important, for sure. My lines are simple but the flow of the lightning, I think, let's people know its a spinning back kick as opposed to a shuffle side kick, its got arc and momentum and not that much planning or technique.

I think your appreciation for fanservice is the right wavelength (easy for me to say because it's mine also) I wont hold it against an artist at all if it's gratuitous or even a little out of character but I've always thought that the best stuff, is the stuff that happens organically. A consequence of the action not the intended action itself. Raeges leap into the fray in Boonequest ended up (wasn't really what I had in mind, but I didn't want to redraw it either) having a tiny teeny panty shot in it. I didn't really expect anyone to notice but a bunch did, and seemed happier for it, Maybe the hunt is half the point. I dunno. I might be over thinking this.

I want to do more pin ups, for real. Maybe even revisit previous characters under a different context. 
Sirwilson95's avatar
Thanks, I recovered. Didn't realize there'd been fractures till I went in for something else and they showed up on an X-ray

yeah the energy helps clarify where the kick came from.  You're really good at adding details to clarify what's going on.

We seem to match up quite well on where good fan service comes from.  I'm glad for that cause you do it really well.  And Conrad really gives inevitable panty shots given her trainers uniform.  But that's part of her charm...and intimidation.

hey I'll enjoy the hell out of them and I won't be the only one.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
It's almost a running gag in RE, how many the characters would see but that the audience doesn't. It's probably what young Fuklaw was talking about in the hospital tbh.
Sirwilson95's avatar
Makes pleanty of sense.  I presume Conrad is tertiarily aware but really doesn't care in any way at all.
Mr-Culexus's avatar
Basically. Someone can admire the destructive power of a basilisk tank or  appreciate the crafting and hone of a knife , but no matter what angle you look at it from, they're not actually desirable. Well, maybe to some.
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