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You waited over a year and you got this. 2016 really is terrible!
Still, it wasn't getting any better. Had to get it done. That's the name of the game.
Keep awn truckin'

Sapp represents what I hate in many villains, not as a human but as a character, which is probably too meta.

I'm not gonna be uploading for a little over a week, and I'm really sorry about that - but don't panic!  It's not me disappearing again.

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BOONEQUEST Finale 04 by Mr-Culexus
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Did that gun used to belong to a ork lol.
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Hey, Cule, just wanted to thank you for giving me my signature Black Crusade move. My Aspiring Sorcerer CM was being held at bolter-point by this pirate queen we'd been working with for a few sessions, but when the time came to backstab her -since she was still technically an Imperial- as is the way of Tzeentch she ended up wiping the floor with most of the party, which at this point was me, my bestie with a half-mutated Renegade Guardswoman, my brother playing a World Eater CM, and my bestie's bestie playing a mad Heretek convinced he was a shard of Malal -who we had a running gag of pointing out he 'doesn't even exist'- and often pulled some weird contraptions out of his ass. (not literally, thank Tzeentch.)

But, just before she executed me and moved on to my team I called out, and I quote, 'I use telekinesis to disassemble her guns!'.

Every other jaw hit the table.
I rolled well, and I got to show her what a bad idea it was to gloat by showing her that I was not only her psionic superior, but a physical one as well. I grabbed her by the head, gave a short speech of my own, then popped her like a grape with my ceramite-coated hand.
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Badass. BAD. ASS. Glad to help.
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Glad to have the help, man. I thin that was the final straw for our GM to start have our... well, we work for a Daemon -we don't know of what god, yet- that acts sorta like an inquisitor for a party of Acolytes I Dark Heresy, giving us missions, influence, stuff and so one. But, anyway! I think this little bit in ingenuity is what convinced our GM to make him contract a Daemon of Tzeentch to start giving me training as a full Sorcerer, rather than just an Aspirant.

So, you sorta helped me take a very big step in my character's development arc! Thanks!
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... And you know what? I wasn't going to tell you this, but two of your characters have actually been in our game. GM is a fan of Ragged Edges herself, and decided to pit us against Conrad & Boone. We where trying to steal some relic from a chapel world (Don't remember the details, it was a while back.) but as we steamrolled our way through the Sisters of Battle and PDF stationed there, GM decided to put one final roadblock in our way to the relic. So, as I said, we where faced against Conrad & Boone with them blocking the way to the relic, and the only was through was to fight.
We lost. Bad. Boone actually ended up overpowering me (To put that in perspective; I was a full sorcerer by this point, and had subjugated a pair of lesser Daemons as minions) psykically, and fried my powers for a few hours so I was stuck with just bashing people with my staff or blasting them with a plasma pistol for the time being. Commissar Raege ended up actually killing my bestie's CM (A full Khornate Berserker by now) by blowing a crater in his chest with a powerfist-enhanced punch, and that caused the other two members of our group (Mutant Guardswoman & Malal Heretek) to just run for their lives. So I was left outnumbered and staring down two barely-injured loyalists who had proven much more adept at combat than we first assumed.

So, being a Tzeentchian follower, I tried one last spell before I chose to flee myself. I tried throwing a warp bolt at the relic to either taint it or destroy it outright... and I missed. Then it was Raege's turn, and she ripped the arm I used off.
I just ran away after that.

But hey, my bestie rolled a new character (A Nurglite CM now, he seems to be running the gamut of gods as he makes new characters) I got a sweet new daemon-arm, and we only got mildly tortured for our failure! So, all and all it ended up just being a fun story.

So, be proud, you not only helped us take another step in our journey with that trick, but also gave us quite the ass-kicking later on! The Emperor would be proud.
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Oh man, that's crazy.

Thanks for telling me dude
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Glad to share the story, I got plenty of 'em from our games! Also had a bit of a laugh; I told our GM that I was telling you these stories, and she just about wet herself thinking you'd be mad about her using Conrad & Boone.
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Dude, I'm thrilled. I seriously don't care what people use my shit for.
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In Boone's head: "Your hurt my Connie, bitch. I'm about to make you WISH Cuddles had gotten to you."
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But can she do what she has to?
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Do it? I think she can. But she'll probably cry and be sick to her stomach after.
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Depends on the circumstances.
She'll probably be torn between bringing her to justice by sending her to the Inquisition or beating her face until it's a bloody stain on the ground.
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Boone: "You done it now, child. You done it now."
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You're pretty on the ball.
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I love those moments when some egotistical shmuck gets dismantled.
In Sapp's case, first it's the gun. Then it's the foot, the leg, the torso.. ah, what a freakish train my thoughts ride.
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ayyy! Knew we'd get more Boonequest sometime. :D Excellent work.
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You are very kind! Thank you!!
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Yes. Gloat while holding a gun at the Telekinetic. 
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Jumped-up wannabe-psyker junkie?

Meet pissed off actual psyker.
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You can't beat the real authentic.
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