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It's nearly over! After a decade it'll be over this year!! Holy shit!!


This page took forever and I still don't like it.
It's half way through the year but I'm already confident this will be the piece I draw this year I am the most unhappy with.

Red-draws and laziness and re-draws and I just wanted it done. Next page will be better. I am sure.
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did my boy Gustav survive and reunite with his cutie pie? please tell me he did. He had probably the longest run in the party of any character besides Boone herself he deserves a star of terra!

“It's nearly over! After a decade it'll be over this year!! Holy shit!!“

So that turned out to be a huge stinking lie.

wouldn't the pistol dislocate boone's shoulder ?
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Oi! You dead dude???

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Goddamn they are sexy...... Commissar I dont suppose you'd Engage in some victory debauchery? *Grimaces* Duly noted sir, I'll stay silent sir.
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Has the entirety of boonequest been compiled somewhere?

Because i always feel like i'm missing parts of it.
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Majority of it is text story. only bits and pieces are comic

Still love these two!

I must say I quite like it regardless. Sometimes one is just too focused on a piece of art and the frustration piles up until it swamps the initial idea. Just calling it done is best, then.

Also the new quest is entertaining to read.
...Boone in the right clothes looks...NIIICE. 
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Wheres my boy Gustav he was the longest used party member back in the day all of 2012 . He ripped and tore! Hope hes having fun at the party.
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It may sound unfair, but imo anybody who knows what this picture is even about are here mainly for the story, so you probably shouldn't sweat the quality of drawing overmuch.
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Character development for Boone! 
Yus, I am starting to like the character. Little bit of mental scarring leads to a heap of maturity. 
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Hell yeah, after WAY too long of telling myself I'd get round to it, then like half a year or so of actually getting round to it, I finally finished Boonequest. Worth every goddamn minute.
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Oh, I am very glad! Well done!

...Man. Boone suddenly looks, like, 20 years older. Which means she's 20 years from looking her age!
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I missed this upload?!
Shame on me, this looks absolutely fulfilling.

Boone's outfit, Raege's obvious pride in Boone, and the overall feeling of growth I'm getting off've Boone's dialogue and body language.
Lovin' it, lovin' it, what a hell of a way to start a day.
Ok so this inspired me to reread boone quest again and I have been reminded of my years old question: who is that dapper gentleman that represents the players on the mozai archive?
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He was Terry Thomas a brilliant character actor of his time. Best known to most audiences as Algernon Hawthorne from 'It's a mad,mad,mad,mad world' or as the voice of Sir Hiss from disney's Robin Hood. He was also in DANGER: Diabolik, the film from the final episode of the original MST3k.

He is less so the players and more a representation of my reactions to them, as  GM.

It was just to let players know that it was talk taking place outside of the 'game'

For whatever reason, I have more reaction images of Terry-Thomas than anyone else. I think he had an expressive face.
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... Muh feels. They're back!

... Need to get back to work on my own Dark Heresy story...
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Why do I still have a bad feeling this shit aint over?
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