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Scattered Shots: Lara Minhelm 09
Sorry all comic pages are taking so long. I am still getting the hang of patreon quotas and juggling my personal life. Just please know that nothing is dead. I will always be back.

I feel like most of you can see where this story is going. It might still be interesting though, who knows?

I have wanted to draw Cultist and Scum together forever.

I am so sorry to the original wonderful comic that I am copying!

link to the original:…

Okay! Patreon!!

I wanted to hold off announcing this until there was a higher amount of content and a greater variety available, but I don’t know how everything is going to go down. Also, I’ve been promising people I would do this and I can’t put it off forever.

I have a PATREON

On this patreon will be:

  • Me doing anatomy practice (lewds)
  • Redrawn pages of Bok the Neutral
  • Ragged Edges side comics
  • Garlands side comics
  • The dryad guide book redrawn
  • The rule book for the pencil and paper RPG I am making set in the Garlands (the Bok the Neutral universe)

All regular comic pages early (Hoop, scattered shots, etc)

Not being part of this patreon will not make you suddenly miss any of the stuff I was already drawing or going to draw. The rest of my work will still be here, deviant art and pixiv and any other platform I choose.

I have full time work. I’ll be fine. I just have this patreon because people asked me to have one. It’s basically a tip jar and I am very happy for whatever people want to pay.

I thoroughly recommend sticking to a one dollar donation, as that gets you everything, I make about 3 patreon pieces a month and it’s still drawn by me.

In the insane eventuality that I ever make enough from patreon to quit my day job (and I would have to be sure) then - THEN we will really see what can happen.

For now though, I am just letting you know it’s there.

Thank you, All of you, Forever.


Edges at the beach
Was looking to draw summer-ish pictures. Fols wanted to see Wesk and Colton. It's a nice contrast.
First six to eight comments. Say one character from one of the serials I do, please.

Edit :  Nice, got some challenges in there. Even got one request for a dude. Proud of you guys.
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Walter Petranov Tredsadt-Vosem
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MysteriousSwordsman Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
its been years since I followed Boone quest I remember the times fondly . First of all late happy birthday and I always wanted to ask...why did you never make Michael and Lockwood playable party members? : p they were some of my favs from the story.
KinaQuinquina Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Happy birthday!!
asuraludu Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday 
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My best wishes of a happy birthday, pal! I hope you're having (had?) a great day~.
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Happy birthday
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Happy birthday.
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Happy birthday mate
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Have a very happy day!
Hoping that everything goes smoothly well and greasy nice on this day of your Birthday!
Maybe the goblin babes should give you a discount on the good least for today!
Also wishing you to get some cake....the awesome variety!
Have fun forever!
Hey Mr. Culexus! :)
Just want to tell you that I made a version of Cultist Chan, since I think you said before that you didn't mind if people used her for their own projects. Be it without references of anything Warhammer related.
Cultist of Tehff-Jha by Amanacer-Fiend0
So just to be sure, may I release this version of the character for others to use? since she is now part of a setting that I'm making as a resource for others to use for their own projects.
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