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THE THING 2000 page views

so its was nice to draw a pinup since ive been working on mostly just comic pages lately (my scanner is too small so you wont see any untill i go to kinkos)

but i mostly did this because i just got 2000 pageviews and i know thats not much compared to some peoples pages but it makes me happy
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HP Scanjet 4370
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Mar 12, 2008, 6:57:46 PM
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Amazing job, keep it up!
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I never really seen the Thing like this, he looks so... Sinister. Really awesome pencil work, man!
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yeah i figured if i was thing id be pretty sinister
RightHandOfDoom's avatar
amazing pencils in your gallery... really great stuff all around
mr-boom's avatar
RedWingsDragon's avatar
"It's Clobberin time" Awsome work here
mr-boom's avatar
thanks id love to draw like a thing solo comic
ive got like a man crush on him lol
RedWingsDragon's avatar
Once you hear "It's clobberin time" you neva go back XD
mr-boom's avatar
Emmaretta's avatar
You are my GOD!! :D
That's fantastic picture! :blowkiss:
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you are my goddess!! :headbang:
thanks :love:
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2000 pv is not much for an artist of your calibre! Especially for an artist of your calibre that's been on dA for over 1.5 years... 0_o

Nice muscles and texture btw...
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i know im allways wondering who people that have only been on here like 6 months are in the 3k+ page views?
but its probably because i dont have that many pieces in my gallery
zJoriz's avatar
Yeah, might be. Draw some more ^_^
mr-boom's avatar
ive have been drawing alot more lately just on pages to big to fit on my scanner so once i finish them up ill get them one here (as soon as there copied to smaller paper that is)
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Most of my drawings are too big for the scanner. I scan them in 4 parts and photoshop them together...
mr-boom's avatar
i cant photoshop my way out of a paper bag
zJoriz's avatar
Good way of putting that :D
ntholden's avatar
congrats on reaching 2000. Onward to the next 2000.
great pencils btw.
mr-boom's avatar
thank you sir and hopefully the next 2000 will get here a little faster
QuicksilverFX's avatar
tight, check out my new stuff
mr-boom's avatar
i just did sir and i commented
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