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Rick and Morty

100 years Rick and Morty!!
Rick and Morty time!
Rick and Morty-- forever and ever!
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if anyone is reading the comments get this to game theorist because I have found
a loophole in Rick's Morty brainwave theory, whether the developers made a mistake or it was intentional, it doesn't add up.
You see if Morty's brainwaves cancel out Rick's then why the heck is it that the(correct the spelling if I'm wrong)Cygerian scammers were able to find him because as Rick mentioned to morty in the diner in episode 10 of season 1 the Ricks have a lot of
enemies and not just the Galactic Federation but also space overlords not to mention if Morty is a brain shield then
why is it that the federation couldn't find Rick until ''Jerry'' supposedly turned him in and Morty was nowhere near Rick when this was happening so therefore the federation could have easily detected Rick according to Rick c-137, also since we have confirmed that remnents of the federation are still alive as well as bird person(through augmentations), why didn't they send a federal 
operative/assassin like the one that was going to kill FART to dispatch Rick when he was seperated from Morty due to
a therapy session as well Rick having turned himself into a pickle was at the time completely helpless, even if the federation couldn't do it due to the collapse of their government and funding was inadequate, Rick said before that he had a lot of enemies besides the federation.So you tell me did I find something puzzling or was it apparent all along, like I said if you read this mention it on youtube or something because I'm pretty sure that the developers put this in intentionally to confuse the heck out of us and if it makes sense then why, was Rick actually lying this entire time

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Morty you piece of shit
Hey if you don't mind could you read my comment that I left on this Rick and Morty art and tell me if it sounds legit or not if you don't mind that is I want to get some info on this topic and tell me if makes sense because I could be wrong
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wow! i love it. Amazing colour palette <3
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Where are my testicles Summer? Where are my testicles Rick and Morty Emote - Where did they go Summer? 
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lol That moment was akward...
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Holy shit I love the way you drew them
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It good but wasnt morty suppose to be 14 years old? He look YOUNGER
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Can U make this able to buy prints of?
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Uhh... Morty?
You should shoot the bad guys, not Rick's deek
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i love rick n morty, so i love this
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Beautiful rendering. So much expression.
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Damn this is amazing! Great art for a great show
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