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iPack Builder v2.2: Tool for icon customization


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Bullet; Black If you  have made iPack(s) with any older version (current version is 2.2) , instead of remaking your iPack with new iPack builder, just upgrade it.

Version 2.2
Final compilation date: 09/12/2015
[-]Resolved Windows 10 bug (settings options not accessible)
[-]Fixed permission restore bug
[+]More elements theming support in the installer (Read documentation for theming guide)
[-]Reduced installer size

Bullet; Black Complete changelog

What it is?

With this tool you can make icon packs installers in exe format.
The installer will work perfectly on Windows 7,8,8.1 both x86 and x64.

The idea was simple enough that we wanted to patch windows dll's exe and other things without messing around.

iPacks V/S 7tsp:

-More reliable scripting
-Faster method.
-Advance installer
-You don't need any other software to install the pack.
-Simple interface, just click on buttons and install the pack.
-Packs built with iPack Builder and for 7tsp are nearly of same size.
-7tsp cannot patch in Program files folders (only wmplayer I guess) but with iPacks you can patch in program files folder also
-iPacks are smart enough to check if x64 windows, if found x64 windows then it will patch both x86 and x64 dll files.
-You don't need to reboot every time. Installer is smart enough to detect if system requires a reboot.

A big thanks to LamiaDC :iconlamiadc:
for helping me out in testing the iPack Builder ;)

Bullet; BlackDownload Link

Youtube Video Tutorial

Official iPack's:
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Hey man just letting you know I cloned the github version and ran it through VirusTotal and it got flagged by 5 security vendors as malicious, not sure why tho