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OS X Minimalism iPack (Icon Pack Installer)


OS X Minimalism is an icon pack with a touch of OS X icons & Minimal icons. Most of the icons are available in .png format(see credits). I just converted these .png icons into Icon pack Installer.

Changelog v1.1:

[+] Changed icons in imageres.dll
[+] Windows Media Player icon
[+] Calculator Icon
[+] Regedit Icon
[+] Zipfldr Icon

Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Version: 1.1


Most of the icon are not made by me. I’ve made  icons from png files & then made an iPack ( Icon Pack Installer )

Files that will be patched:

  • Chrome.exe
  • Firefox.exe
  • calc.exe
  • cmd.exe
  • imageres.dll
  • regedit.exe
  • imagesp1.dll
  • wmplayer.exe (windows media player)
  • zipfldr.dll

-You are using this on your own risk!
-After install/uninstall if you can’t see all icons changed then use “Refresh Icons.exe”

Theme in the preview :

Download Link

© 2014 - 2021 Mr-Blade
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nice nicee!!

AngryDavid808's avatar
Hello, Mr. Blade! That's a great Icon Pack, I definitely liked, however the icon pack messes up the Video thumbnails on my computer. Could you please fix this in the next update? Thanks.
One drive nd quick access icons doesn't change.. How to fix it? 
The IPack Really looks great i want it for win 10
But i get an error message when i run the setup that the system cant find the file specified
i think u can help me friend
cbsso's avatar
beautiful ipack. thank you so much!
Dirty-Wondah's avatar
Link doesnt work can you update? 
dovich2010's avatar
is it possible to get the png files?
bastygoofy's avatar
Does this work on Windows Anniversary Update?
Mr-Blade's avatar
I am on windows 8.1 & I really don't have time to install anniversary update in vmware & test it. It would be really helpful if you could check? Be sure to create restore point! :)
Hey there! Great iPack, but how about the issues of missing video thumbnails? You already fix it?
Mr-Blade's avatar
Thanks for reminding me, I didn't had time to update but I"ll definitely fix it within a day to two. :)
So how about it then? Already fix? :D (Big Grin) 
Thanks, I'll wait for it :D (Big Grin) 
Watercoolio's avatar

the nicest Ipack for Windows, long not seen, thanks for that! +fav :happybounce: +fav

after first install get log error Explorer on Display
"is with privileg Admin Rights and u can't start any Store APPs" Win 8.1 X64
all started Apps stopped. Your Tool say there is no reboot required after Installation first... Waaaah!
after reboot i become a new looked System haha all works so far well ;) (Wink) Wink/Razz 

but.. Can you pls add Support for this Program-Icons (for my Taskbar) now pending...I think I've fainted. 
(else sees not that nice of next Firefox and Sys Icons) ;) (Wink) 

CCleaner (x64), Notepad++ (X86)
IE, Thunderbird and may Sandboxie...
that would be great Toy Chica - Do You Want This Cake 

Firefox works flawlessly with latest version top.
Mr-Blade's avatar
I am happy that you enjoy this but currently I am not taking requests. For the stores APP problem you just needed to restart the explorer. :)
Watercoolio's avatar
ok thank you Sir after Reboot all well here. :)

only one Question.. is for external Cards (SD.. micro SD..)
no Icons in that Package? haves in Explorer the old Icons?

Would be really cool if you still supply later some icons might
 Thunderbird, CCleaner. IE... the most important content. ;)

Best Regards
Mr-Blade's avatar
Yes I will add some more icons just wait for some time :)
suhachiii's avatar download link doesn't work ㅠㅜ
Mr-Blade's avatar
what's the problem ?
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