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Finally I present my latest creation Arius™
This theme took a great patience and time of mine! and was possible due to regards and wishes of all my friends on DA and creativx.
Hope you like my work! :popcorn:

Wanna say a big thanks to all my friends who's work has inspired me and special thanks to Submicron and Jacksmafia. :party:


: : Includings : :

:bulletblack: Visual Style with a unique installer.
:bulletblue: New Custom Sounds
:bulletblack: 4 wallpapers + logon screen.
:bulletblue: Cursors+ Fonts
:bulletblack: Rainmeter Skins.
:bulletblue: Dock Skin+ 20 dock icons.
:bulletblack: Required tools.
:bulletblue: 4 imagres.dll icons + explorer frames.
:bulletblack: Shellbrd orb + timedate.cpl
:bulletblue: AIMP3 Skin
:bulletblack: 2 HDD icon +HDD icon changer
:bulletblue: Photosho CS5 Splash Screen

I worked hard to make this theme for your enjoyment so show respect and say thanks by donating some points to me so that i may offer themes like these in future also!
So please help me! :doh:



Further the more you fave and more you commnet, the more i become happier! :airborne::party:

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That's sick dude!!!!!!

how do I check if this is compatible with my software

can you plezz designe indian culture theme sanskrit language based on What is Vedic Technology? | Article by Michael Mamas…
 vedic technology
Beautiful Work! Thank You!
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how u patch? my screen is freeze
Looks great nice work.
the best, I'd say..
Pretty awesome, check out the one i'm making:…
Hi there, just gotta say i love this program but i'm having issues, i wanted to know how to make the computer skine look all sif-fi like that, and i would like to know how to do that thank you 
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You have any for newer Windows?

8.1, or 10 perhaps?
WTF it wont download
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and why won't it download?
I just wouldn't down load  how can I download it??
I love the theme but I can't read my Microsoft documents.  The background is black on them.  How do I change it back to white?
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you need to change color inside .msstyles files using Windows Style Builder.
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