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Alienware Eclipse Icons 7tsp

Check the exe version (iPacks) of different colors on my website

So finally they are done! I have spent great time on these so hope that you all will love these! These are made to go with my upcoming premium theme Alienware Eclipse.

Feel free to use these but make sure you do not re upload them.You have no rights to edit these as they are copyright protected and are for my premium theme!

More icons will be added with the theme so stay tuned for Alienware Eclipse! Please read the instruction file included before doing anything.This time I have made the icon pack installer in exe format using my tool iPack Builder.So you don’t need 7tsp for patching these plus the installer will definitely work on x86 and x64 both!

If you still have any problem, you found any bug then feel free to contact me anytime. I”ll help to sort the problem!

Download Here >

© 2013 - 2022 Mr-Blade
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Thank you!!! ,Mr-Blade My PC- Has amazing Character now..

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todos los enlaces caidos no sirven si puedes resubirlo seria agradecido al no ser gracias por todo

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wow!! Good Stuff
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Link doesn't work. 
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taskmgr.exe icon is so ugly and small in taskbar. 

Please change it some cool icons.

Like this :
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Link doesn't work. 
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Link doesn't work. 
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ermagerd loooovvveee it
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great work bud!
i cannot download the pack, send me to a page with ad fly and i wait the 5 second, appears the skip ad, i click an it and remains there, doesnt continue.
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how do i extract the individual icons? i want to be able to customize each of my icons with a different icon in the pack, not just the ones it does automatically
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extract .res files with 7z and then extract .ico from.res files using restorator or resHacker
Mr-Blade sir

how can i change my icons with these
i love the icons but i dont know how to change my icons
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for these you need additional software 7tsp, rather you can try these:
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May you let me ask you if any of you fond a way to patch or replace the shell32.dll system32 file in windows 8.1 64 bits cause my system wont boot if i patch or replace the shell32.dll file in it.
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nice , again awesome work
Wow!! Great icons. Love them.
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