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Raw Meat Girl and Syrup
One time, Raw-Meat-Girl and the Spoken Word were out doing their dancing and singing, walking the songlines and checking the sing-stones to make sure all the animals were being created on time. Together they came home and went back to work on their village. Now, at this time, the villag was still very scattered about. No one was building houses and they were still using caves and fallen logs for shelter. Raw-Meat-Girl had a lot of ideas about how to improve things, but nobody had any energy, no get-up-and-go, as they call it.
"We're hungry!" the people would say when asked.
So, Raw-Meat-Girl and the Spoken Word went out hunting, and eventually had to rest themselves, sitting under a tree. Raw-Meat-Girl rested until something fell on her shoulder. She jumped up and howled at the Spoken Word.
"You dripped something on me!" she shouted.
"No I did not," said the Spoken Word. "I can't even touch real things, how could I pull a prank on you like that?"
She felt the brown slime on her shoulde
:iconmr-author:mr-author 0 0
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Star Trek TNG - The Devil's Due

I've always wondered why Picard didn't just go "oh yeah, this guy can't be the fucking devil, we know literally where Lucifer lives, somebody go get Satan of the goddamn horn and get his magnificent ass down here"
ARK Green Obelisk Paint
more in-character, lore-friendly ARK body paints

this one is the green obelisk and Plant Species X, along with the Broodmother artifacts.


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Adam J. Thaxton
United States
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as it says on the tin

1. Proof of Night

Ever since the spread of humanity into space, life has become something strange and precious - every world to which humanity spread lacked its own form of life, in the sense of the primary definition. Now, a mysterious form of life, called "Dusker," has been found, and the fleets have become split. Dusker can enhance natural ability and give the user almost unstoppable powers, and humanity has discovered a new resource to war over. The fleet known as Delphi has been formed by a new kind of humanity - Oracles, those who live in symbiosis with the Dusker - and their mysterious founders have asked that the Oracles begin preparing for something even more terrible than civil war.

2. Shell Zero

According to legend, the world was once whole, but the ancients broke it somehow. Massive plates float at varying depths, each level called a Strata. The world is powered by orendite, a mysterious mineral exposed at the breaking points of the Strata and the continents, called Shells. Empires wage war over orendite deposits, and now, the Republic of Galvar has developed a weapon that cracks Shells wide open, revealing their orendite to their mining ships. They have begun to expand, destroying everything in their path, and now, they come for the Shell you live on.

3. From a Black Soil

Magic has destroyed the world, evil has won, and the screaming wind carries the scent of long-dead empires. Most people dig for scraps in the wastelands left behind from the last great magical disaster - metal is rare, water is precious, and city-states are ruled by nearly invincible magicians soaking up all the ambient magic they can get. You are the "People of Black Soil," those who are capable of using magical power without permission granted by the Sorcerer Kings - black soil is the most fertile of all, and thus, your minds and bodies are potentially a mystical resource for those who care. The problem is, can you make yourselves too valuable or too powerful to kill before too many people find out?

4. Oubliette

Somewhere, there are green fields and beautiful kingdoms. Somewhere, nobles play games of power while the warnings of those who fight the evil that exists on the far side of the wall fall on deaf ears. You live in the shadow of the great wall protecting the world from evil, but you do not live on the right side. Orcs, hobgoblins, ogres, and undead prowl the wilderness, and towns scrape by on whatever they can raid from one another - growing food is nearly impossible, the shadows at night are alive, and day is a brief respite from the shadows of conquest.

5. A Hole Outside Miami

Outside of Miami, there is a hole in the world. It's a small space, a black tunnel about two feet in diameter. Rumor says that it is the start of something much larger - the appearance of some series of occult confluences that will allow whoever controls the hole command of the entire universe for a brief moment - mere milliseconds - but enough time to take control of all of reality with enough time to alter one fundamental principle, or even make a small edit to an event. Occultists, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, and other creatures from all over the world have moved in, waiting for their opportunity to try and take control of the pit.


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dagoonite Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2018
I just wanted to say, I still love your work, both written and drawn.  If I had real money, I'd gladly commission you for some various things that have been running around in the back of my head forever.

If you took commissions.  If it wouldn't distract you from the other stuff that you're likely doing.  If I had a spine...
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thomastapir Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2017
mr-author Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017
I have a system for feets!…

Now all I got to do is write it out, tack on a system for the vehicles and EVA devices, and design some of those.

"Complexity" might not be right. Maybe "Training" or "Education"
mr-author Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017
Well, at least I can say I tried.…
thomastapir Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017
HAH, that's awesome!  : D
mr-author Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017
Arthrodire placoderm, arthropod, and trilobite (for the silicate eyes/SeaView-type windows).

It is my belief that the conn tower is a copepod that lifts itself up straight when the sub surfaces, based on stiffening behaviors in arthropods when they're removed from the water. Of course there are barnacle symbiotes and the cavitation gills are modified ribs, and there are other creatures in the construction on the interior, along with inorganic components, not just from its original creators, but some stuff the scientists moved in when they decided to start living and working there (like the sticky notes on every console that explains what it do).
(1 Reply)
mr-author Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2017
Trying out orca and manta derivations with copepod parasites modified to serve as unfurling conn tower, cilia-lined turbine engines, and of course, highly modified air sacs to serve as interior, with other forms of inorganic metallurgy and energy storage so it can be driven around and have a moon pool that isn't a giant anus.
thomastapir Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017

You know, it seems like the parasitic Cymothoa "tongue-eating isopod" might come in handy for something.…

I was also thinking about an anglerfish sub in which the esca/lure becomes an umbilicus with a UAV or hardsuit at the tip.
mr-author Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017
Well, I still need to put claws and stuff on the inside. Parasitic roof-hanging anglerfish or squid to serve as umbilicus?

And a moon pool claw for picking up ROVs and maybe biosuits/sea fleas to swim around in. Derived from frogfish-like hands or collapsing gill structures? More cephalopods?


Med bay is a nightmare. Cnidarians stuffed with painkillers and antivenoms, liberties taken with lobopods, big soft comb jelly beds, ray/shark-like structures attached to arthropod limbs for electrolytic scanning.
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