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The AD you all know and love (+Export code) by Mr-AD The AD you all know and love (+Export code) :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 10 1 Kali's big break - Part 3/3 by Mr-AD
Mature content
Kali's big break - Part 3/3 :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 21 0
Kali's big break - Part 2/3 by Mr-AD
Mature content
Kali's big break - Part 2/3 :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 21 0
Kali's big break - Part 1/3 by Mr-AD
Mature content
Kali's big break - Part 1/3 :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 24 0
Multiversal Koopa Troop - Poster by Mr-AD Multiversal Koopa Troop - Poster :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 5 8
Rewriting the World of Remnant with AD
Legends, stories scattered through time.
Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past.
Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful, but he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness, creatures of destruction. The creatures of Grim set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man’s brief existence to the void.
However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change and in time, man’s passion, resourcefulness and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds.
This power was appropriately named, “Dust”. Nature’s wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness and in the shadow’s absence, came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life. Even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die. And w
:iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 7 0
Team RWBY - AD Edition by Mr-AD Team RWBY - AD Edition :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 37 12 AD and Aureo: Two sides of the same coin by Mr-AD AD and Aureo: Two sides of the same coin :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 14 1 The leading ladies of the Terra / AD Verses by Mr-AD The leading ladies of the Terra / AD Verses :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 4 4 The Dragon and the Scissor Wielder adopt Hana Song by Mr-AD The Dragon and the Scissor Wielder adopt Hana Song :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 14 5
Taro's relationships in the Dragon Ball-verse
If you don't know who Taro is you can read up about him here: Taro: The Universe 6 Renegade
This is basically a little thing to show off the relationships that he has gained through his time as both a time patroller and during his adventures after the events of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Hope you all enjoy!
Goku: During Taro's time patrolling he encountered Goku a number of times throughout the timelines, it was only during a training session that was set up by Vegeta that Goku and Taro officially met for the first time, the two of them fighting to their limit and pushing Taro beyond the Super Saiyan barrier. After facing Final Form Mira, the two of them were able to work together to defeat the powerful demon and notice the similarity between their goals in life. Now Goku and Taro are currently preparing for more sparring sessions, with Taro wanting to see Goku at his strongest.
Vegeta: Currentl
:iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 4 6
Taro: The Universe 6 Renegade by Mr-AD Taro: The Universe 6 Renegade :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 5 3
Mature content
Empra's new toy (A Gift for Kobi!) :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 14 1
Mature content
Lisanna's secret weapon (NSFW-ish Commission) :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 3 8
Facts about the Terra-verse (Part 4)
Part 1: Facts about the Terra-Verse (Part 1)
Part 2: Facts about the Terra-verse (Part 2)
Part 3: Facts about the Terra-verse (Part 3)
The Terra-Verse is the massive crossover universe that mixes many forms of fiction and media from all across the world. Stuff that normally shouldn't be crossed over would be crossed over and it is also home to the massive team known as the 'Multiversal Hero Association' which takes many faces from across different universes and allows them to fight together to protect others from evil. So yeah, here's some facts about this crossover universe for ya!
Popstar from the Kirby Series is actually a rather large planet that acts
:iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 4 12
Sonico Boobowski's glamorous introduction by Mr-AD Sonico Boobowski's glamorous introduction :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 19 12


Gotta love some buff pics, and this definitely takes the cake as being a really good pic of someone that I think most of us enjoy seein...

So, I'm planning on doing a Smash Brothers style series, mostly based on Headcanons as well as potential scenarios. But what should I focus on first? 

8 deviants said Comedic Headcanons (More of the funny stuff)
7 deviants said World of Light story headcanons?
2 deviants said Group Headcanons (Multiple Fighters)
2 deviants said Developing characters? (Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Tabuu, Primids, Galeem)
No deviants said Single Headcanons (Focusing on one fighter, if so who?)
OK so I've decided that I'm going to open up commissions again, this time I will actually be changing the prices so they will be a little bit more 'up there' but not by much. As a Uni student I gotta have money and this time I will actively make sure that each commission is completed within a deadline of at least 1-2 weeks, but considering that University work WILL be a thing I will obviously inform should said commissions be uploaded later.

ANYWAY, here are the prices for the stories and the length that you can get them at:

SHORT STORY (500-1000 WORDS): A relatively short story of your choosing, will be a quick one-off subject with not much build-up to it all.
Price: £5 - 10 depending on length

MEDIUM STORY (1500 - 2000 WORDS): A Slightly longer story that'll have some build-up but once again not much, can also consist of smaller stories WITHIN the word limit
Price: £15 - 20 depending on length

LARGE STORY (2000-2500 WORDS): A Longer story, will have more build-up to it and a possible epilogue if needed. Like the Medium story it can consist of smaller stories within one commission. 
Price: £20 - 25 depending on length

EXTRA THICC (3000+ WORDS): These stories will genuinely be the longest out of any of the commissions and WILL take time to complete. These stories will have the most detail I can muster and will most likely be sent to you via a PDF Document.
Price: £30-35 or more depending on length

  1. I will probably write about anything and everything, be it SFW or NSFW but keep in mind that some of the time DA will be strict on policies so be sure to keep those in mind.
  2. I will try and inform you if the commission has been delayed or if I will need more time, Uni work is a bitch sometimes and as such I will only have so much time to write.
  3. GIVE ME REFERENCES IF YOU WANT A TRANSFORMATIVE STORY, I need that stuff so that I can actively describe things more.
  4. If you want to, and this is also an option available, you can choose any of the amounts and have it as smaller stories, meaning you could have say 2+ stories on the higher tiers but they WILL have lower word counts. (e.g. you pick the EXTRA THICC tier and request about 2 stories, they will be around 1500 words each to fit the 3000 word quota)
  5. I only take PayPal payment, if you do want to try and send me the equivalent points then I will also try and find a way to actively get it transferred into money but keep in mind I WILL take actual payment in cash.
  6. I require payment upfront, if you don't have the money for one tier do not try to bullshit your way through, otherwise I will actively cancel your commission and not accept anymore commission requests from you until you can PROVE you're trustworthy.
With that being said here are the slots that are open for anyone to claim:

  1. Iktomi (Friend on Discord)
  2. :iconjoybug:
  3. :icondavaba19:
  4. OPEN
  5. OPEN
Thanks again everyone, see ya later
  • Listening to: YouTube and the endless void
  • Reading: Minds
  • Drinking: Anything soda related



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Mr-AD has started a donation pool!
9,881 / 400
If you want to commission something from me then you can donate through points, just ask me for general prices on stuff like stories or art, etc, etc and I'll give you what you need.

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So, Merry Crimbo, I got myself a new microphone that I can use f or audio stuff if people want me to record myself saying stuff. I can take audio comms for like... £5+ ?
I need people to do shit with...

Like I know now that I'm not even a good RP'er or writer but I still should try and find a means of doing something before this year ends...
So, Christmas is nearly upon us and I still need to get those commissions done. I apologize for those that are waiting on them as my drive has been low as of late and I've been very uninspired as of late.

However, this will change, as I'm going to try and produce more written stuff for you guys VERY SOON
Ya'll ever just try to find ways to either write or RP with people yet no one's ever around? 
There's a hacker lurking around DeviantART that will change your password and put Thomas the tank pictures in your and post inappropriate pics on your account.

They will post bad pictures only if they hack your account. If they found out you posted a journal entry about this warning, they will know what's up and they won't hack your account. They will also be posting journal entries saying things like "I hate you all! Go die!" and remove all your watchers. The best thing you could do now is copy this warning and post for all your friends and watchers to see and spread the word! The hacker will go around hacking accounts and block your friends to get your friends to block you back, get you in trouble, and get you banned from DeviantART.

If you want to save your account, you should make a journal entry with this warning to keep the hacker from hacking your account. So, SPREAD THE WORD!!!"

I was told to copy and paste this message. Some queer hacker is going around DA and going into people's accounts. Spread the word.

Totally not taking any chances on this, fuck Thomas


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