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All right, for the handful of you that were interested, the stream is now up and running!
Technical problems may occur, tell me if anything seems off.

Come in and say hi!
Lately I've felt like I haven't been honouring my part of our bargain. (You know, the one where I draw stuff and you guys make me famous.)
So I figured I'd step out of my comfort zone and do something special for you all.

That's right, nude pi- Not really.

I'm thinking of a stream this weekend provided there's enough interest. What do you say?
It probably won't be anything special though. Just a bit of silly drawings, requests from you, perhaps some pony episodes (Generation 3.5 only), and just hanging out with you all for a few hours.
But if you have any ideas they are more than welcome. I'll do my best to comply.

I was thinking of around 9:00pm my time on Saturday. (That's 8:00pm in England and noon in California. You do the maths from there.)
If there's enough interest, I'll make a journal entry at that time and provide the link to the stream.

Thank you for being awesome, my dear watchers. :iconfluttershysmileplz:

Okay, so I just got back from England after attending to a funeral of a family member, and this was hopefully the first and last time I've had to travel with someone who's nothing but a burden. Damnit, Grandma.
Missed doing just about any fun - and even missed our plane back home today because of her. Damn... Could have been home five hours earlier AND with a bunch of pony toys, but no.
Well at least I didn't have to sleep at the airport. Five hours is manageable, could've been worse.

I'm completely pooped at the moment, everything hurts from all the walking, running, carrying, sitting and sleeping (uncomfortably).
Apologies if this rant seem a bit inconsistent, but I need to get this off my mind before I go to sleep.. Oh lovely bed, how I've missed you..

My arrival in England didn't start out very well as we had to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel, and that guy drove like someone had set fire to his house, his ass and at least three of his relatives.
I was terrified of flying, but NOTHING compared to the sheer terror of sitting in that taxi. I've never been so sure I'd die in my life. Oh, and the seat I had was facing backwards in the cab, so you can imagine why I felt doomed.

The hotel we crashed at was a complete joke, I've not been to many hotels in my life, but this was simply terrible.
Dirty carpets, dust everywhere, broken electrical outlets, broken radiators (my room was comparable to hell itself), and we couldn't even open the window because they had boarded it shut with nails and planks.
Although to my surprise the bedsheets were clean and the toilet worked. Probably wouldn't pass a health inspection though. (Also didn't get any toilet paper, had to buy our own)
Wi-Fi only down in the lobby, no coverage in the rooms whatsoever. Which sucks, since I could get the neighbouring hotel's signal just fine from there..
I could go on forever about that bloody hotel. But if you ever need somewhere to crash around Birmingham, do NOT pick 'Birmingham Best Inn', because they are anything but living up to their name.
Save up a bit more to find a better hotel. Even on a strict budget, this place isn't worth the price. The ones who worked there didn't even seem to care about the customers at all, and they even sting you an additional pound for paying by card. I mean, come on.

And as stated, no fun were had. I was really hoping to get to visit a friend there, but his parents apparently think everyone from the internet are murderers and rapists or something, so that didn't get approved.
Buying some pony toys were also on the list, but there were none to be found. None at all. I would have gone and searched for some, but we had a 70 year old child with us which we couldn't just ignore.. Gah.

The trip home could have been so much faster.. Sigh. I'm too tired to even keep writing now.

TL;DR - This trip was no fun at all.

P.S. The food was also terrible.
You are NOT the fath- no wait, wrong script.

According to the x-rays, I'm apparently healthy. Which is probably a good thing it itself, but it doesn't explain the pains.

Will I try to draw something soon? Maybe. Shall my motivation allow it.
The question is how long I will need to get back into it. I've been idle for quite some time now, and I'm afraid my skills might have deteriorated a bit.
I've had a difficult time even picking up the pen lately, continuous pains can really wear down ones psyche, and it's my willpower that has taken the biggest hit here.
But I shall TRY to get back into drawing at least a pic or two a month, just for you. (Quality may vary)

Rock on.
As you may have noticed or not noticed, I haven't uploaded anything lately, and that is for a good reason: I haven't been drawing anything either.
You see, with the pains I've had, it has simply been impossible for me to focus on almost anything creative.

It was manageable before, but it has lately gotten to the point where it takes away all the fun in almost anything I do.
I'm getting my achy joints x-rayed this Thursday, so we'll see what the deal is if any.
Going to try and get back up on my feet as soon as possible to bring you some silly drawings.

On a more positive note, I've taken the step to try making some music. (So I haven't been -completely- idle)
Gotten mixed results, but I think the things I've made are pretty good for having no musical knowledge whatsoever. Bit repetitive, but decent enough.
Might need to look up some tutorials or something, I feel like a monkey in a spaceship with these programs.

Anyhow, that's it for now. I just felt like you all deserve to know the deal since you're watching me and all that.

Love y'all!

1)  I'm practicing.
2)  My wrist is hurting more than usual.
3)  No motivation.
4)  Friends/Games.
5)  RL problems.
6)  All of the above.

My apologies for these gaps in my uploads. I'll try to have a new picture up soon.

And I wish I had the guts to ask some of the other more experienced artists for help on how to draw. :iconapplejacklieplz:
I just had to.

Move along.
[Update 2]

Cake has been eaten, presents were had (in the form of food), and good friends kept me company for a while.
I just can't ask for more. Today was a great day!

So that's it! Now to relax with some artsy stuffs and videogames.



The cake-drawing project has been scrapped. I don't have enough time to finish it before the guests arrive.
I'll settle for something a bit more simple instead. You'll see.


Aaaand good morning everyone. For once I'm actually going to call this a 'good' morning, 'cause it's my birthday and all. :iconwhywubwooplz:
Today there will be cupcakes, balloons, and trying to get rid of a peculiar stench coming from the kitchen!

I'm not quite sure what other things I have scheduled for today other than finishing the cake and take some pictures.
I should probably get working on that asap.

As for the present for myself, I'm stumped. All those things I have bought already have burned a hole in my wallet.. Twice..
Sure is expensive with birthdays.
So I guess I'll have to settle for a drawing for myself, at least that's free. I was thinking of importing a T-shirt or something at first.

But yeah, happy birthday, me!
We'll see how this day turns out!
[Update 2]
Uuuuurrrgh! My back hurts. My head is pounding. My wallet is crying blood after another way-too-expensive shopping spree.

And the cupcakes are finally done. After working on them for over six hours. Phew...
They obviously didn't turn out as I had hoped they would.
But they are done, and they look kind of pretty, too! :iconapplejackplz:


And I never want to see another cupcake in my life. I just want to throw these out the window.

As for the balloon Pinkie, I couldn't find any pink cotton. And my futile attempts of making my own was just a waste of time.
I should probably start working on that cake, too...

Anyhow, 10pm. Time for breakfast.

Tip of the day:
Don't microwave chocolate. The stench lingers for hours if you burn it.


So, I just spent the equivalent of $65 or 50€ - whichever you prefer - on the decorations alone. Such as candles, glaze, food colors, sprinkles, balloons, and a muffin plate.
And I still have all the cake/cupcake/muffin ingredients to buy. At this rate I'll have to start taking last-minute commissions to be able to afford it all.
(I kid, of course. I wouldn't charge for something I'd do for free)

Guess I'll have to dig deeper in my poor wallet than I expected. :icontwilightsparkleplz:


A'ight, so next ponyday (Saturday) is my birthday, and I wish to ponify it! :iconpinkiepieplz:

Feel like helping me out? If so, that'd be great!

There are three key things I will start preparing today:

- Cake with pony motive. (Self made)
- Pony related present for myself. (foreveralone.jpg)
- Pony decorations. (Bring out the party cannon!)

Suggestions as for what to make these three things is up to you all!
I will do my best to comply!

Oh, and I will be taking photos of everything of course.

This is what I can come up with at the moment.
What other things can I do to make my cakeday even ponier?

Let's hear what you think!

(Just keep in mind that I live in Sweden, not everything is available here. Especially not in this small town where I live.
My resources are also fairly limited, but I have a bunch saved up just for this occasion.)
Three hundred watchers. I.. uh.. don't really know what to say.

This is way more than I'd ever hope to get when I first started drawing ponies here, and I would just like to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am for your support.

I know I'm not very talkative of me, but know that I read every single comment that you make, and it makes me immensely happy to know you like these silly things I make.
I shall continue to improve myself for you all, you who gave me the incentive to improve in the first place.

So from me to you:
A huge thanks for making my ~10 months on DA a blast! You're the best!

Thought I'd give one of these social networks a try.
I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

Seems easier to post status updates there rather than spamming y'all with pointless journals.

I'd just like to let you all know that I'm not gone just yet.
Work has been keeping me kind of busy, and the time I have for friends, drawing and gaming have been drastically reduced as of late.
Heck, I actually have to set aside hours for SLEEP these days.

But so far I have kept true to my new year's resolution and have been practicing quite a bit, so I might upload some sketches in my scrapbook later on.

That is all.
So the holidays have finally passed and I have emerged from my hole in the ground. Fresh air at last.

I might even be able to find some time for drawing now that things have calmed down.
The only problem is that I don't know WHAT to draw, so suggestions are welcome.

I'm rather interested to hear what you all would like to see me create.
Don't be afraid to ask, I won't bite.

But to all three of you who reads this, I hope you've had some great holidays!