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Heya everyone!
I know I've been pretty quiet on here of late - but I've FINALLY gotten around to setting up a print store!
It's up at INPRNT, so go take a look!

A mix of old and new(ish) art - let me know if there's anything you don't see that you'd like me to put up!
And I'm really hoping to get some new content out in the new year.

Also will try to update dA with my latest Hearthstone work as well as a bunch more personal art that I've got on instagram but not really anywhere better.

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Hey everyone!
I'm going to be livestreaming on my Twitch channel at 2.00 PM PDT today (Right now!) - - so if you want to see some painting and listen to me ramble about stuff, come and say hello!

You can take a look at the my past livestreams as well on my YouTube channel.
ALSO, I've finally updated my brush pack here on dA, but it won't show up super recently in my gallery so here you go instead of going digging by Mr--Jack
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Hey everybody!

I've decided to set up a Patreon account to allow me to try and focus on getting more personal work done, since I feel like I've been having a hard time doing that consistently. I'm going to be launching it with just two tiers and once things settle down after the new year and I see how this goes, I'll be making it more comprehensive with process pieces and hopefully some video stuff.

I'm going to try and avoid it sounding like all of my posts are ads for this - I'll still be posting a bunch  my final art and some other bits and pieces here and on Facebook and Instagram, but there'll be extra sketches, WIPs and access to PSDs up over there - as well as just being a way of supporting me if you like what I do!
Head on over to take a look - this is just the beginning, and I'm open to feedback on all of it!
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Hey everybody!

So, I still haven't gotten around to setting up a proper online print store, but after the show last Saturday the remaining single prints and a few framed pieces are up for sale online through the gallery!
Prints are available for shipping worldwide, and framed pieces are available shipped within the US or for pickup if you can arrange that!

Each of the prints was limited to 5 pieces so head on over to check them out!

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Hey Everyone!!

This is a bit late notice here (though I've mentioned it on Facebook and Instagram already), but I'm a part of an exhibition going on at Photonic Playground in Santa Ana tomorrow night, as a part of the Art Walk thing that goes on in the downtown there.

Here's the Facebook Event for those who might be in the area - prints that don't all sell will be available online after the show!

- Luke
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I've been bad about posting this up, but the fan art tribute book I'm a part of is in it's final day of funding on Indiegogo!

These were my two pieces
Samus by Mr--Jack  Maario by Mr--Jack
And the book is full of a fantastic bunch of other art, for a wonderful cause.

For those who didn't know, the project started after our friend and fellow game developer, Kevin Kenai Griffith (KKG), was diagnosed with stage four Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma, an incredibly rare cancer with no cure and no clear treatment path.

The initial goal for the funds raised by the book was to cover Kevin's medical expenses; 
unfortunately in Oct. 2014 KKG passed away, as the content for the book was completed.

After he passed a great deal of time was spent deciding how the project should move forward, if at all. We decided Kevin would have wanted us to see this through, so we continued production on the book as tribute to him and as an opportunity to show off the great positivity that can come from Gamers in action. His legacy will continue on in the form of this book made by his friends and fellow game artists.

The project has already hit 100% funding but we're not far off the next stretch goal (hardcover upgrade!) so go and check it out.
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SO, my wonderfully talented sister Hannakin has been nominated for an Etsy Design Award !
I couldn't be more proud, and if you want to go and take a look here's her link - Hannakin.

On another note, sorry I haven't been posting very much lately! I definitely feel the itch having not been doing too much in my spare time, so hopefully I'll get back into it a bit soon.
Thanks always for all your support!
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My good friend and coworker jdeangelis has just joined deviantArt, and I highly recommend everyone going and checking him out and giving him some love :D

And with that, February is almost over - it's been another fun month of drawing, and this time I really really am going to stay more productive once it's over, even if I say that every year!
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I don't do this a whole lot, but the fantastic :iconcribs: has been working (along with the rest of the team at Red Hook) crazily hard on this, and their kickstarter has just gone live, and it looks friggin' amazing!

So, go and check it out if you like awesome games and supporting great artists!
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If something could come close to the excitement that I felt when I first joined Blizzard over 4 years ago (not that that's diminished now!), it would be today, when I'm honored to be joining the ranks of the Sons Of The Storm!

Long before I ever thought that making it out here was at all possible, I looked up to these artists who're the core and spirit of Blizzard's art and essence - and to be ranked among them now is a huge honor - especially on this, as their 10th anniversary!

Thanks to René 'Twincruiser' Koiter for setting the whole gallery up, and of course to Samwise, the original 1st Son, and still the burning heart of Blizzard's art and soul.

Cheers! And here's to another 10 years of the Storm!

(totally checkoutable on facebook, too! -… )

And thanks too to everyone here - I don't get around to replying as much as I used to or as I'd like, but having been on dA almost 10 years now, I can't overstate how important everyone's support here has been.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year, and I look forwards to being productive with it! (and at the very least by the time February comes around again I'll be doing the Satellite Soda DD thing, so that's something to look forwards to).

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Been a while since I said anything!
BUT, :iconshimmering-sword: - a great artist I've known for a super long time - is finally putting together a kickstarter, so head over and check it out! 
The Protectorate Wars Art book

And while you're over there, maybe take a look at this amazing looking game -
or THIS (No idea how this hasn't reached it's goal yet! But looks on track to, so far)
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Been a while since an update here!
But, my Dad has just joined DeviantArt over HERE - RobertMancini, and I figured I should send some folks in his direction.
There's a lot of talk about nurture or nature when it comes to artistic people and following through with your work, but I can pretty certainly say that his work that filled our household growing up (and still does) - both literally the art but also the trappings thereof, art supplies and mountains of reference and the whole atmosphere - led me to be where I am now.
Plus it's the least I can do considering the (at least!) five years I spent promising to build a website that never ended up happening...

SO go and check it out!
(He's also got an Etsy Store with prints up now, too)

[And after that, if you feel so inclined, check out my wonderful sister too!]
(and so does she!)

I've been a bit slack with the personal work lately, and work stuff that I can show has dried up a little for now, but hopefully I'll get some stuff out a little more regularly . . .
And finally, thankyou as always for all of the comments and favourites I get - I definitely still read and appreciate every one of them, even though I'm not as good at replying to them all as I used to be.
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Hey everybody! I know I've been pretty quiet the last few months, but thanks to Satellite Soda the next month should be jam-packed with stuff!
They're having their Daily Draw thing going on again (probably should have mentioned this a bit earlier! pretty sure you can still join in though?)

I'll be posting pretty much everything up here too, so no worries on that front, but if you want to check out my thread over there here it is
There're a heap of great artists doing it as well - including my sister Hannakin - so head over and check the whole thing out!

Feels like there was something else I should have been updating here as well... I'll edit if I remember.
Otherwise, look forwards to actual art updates in the near future!
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So! Thought I'd update this a bit since it's been a while.

Firstly, my wonderful girlfriend has challenged me to another drawing-a-day thing for the month of August, so hopefully that will make up for a bit of the slackness that's been going on lately!
I had a blast with the Satellite Soda challenge in February even though I missed a couple of days toward the end there. Hopefully that won't happen this time 'round; I'll do my best!

Not much else to report on, though I have started using my twitter a bit more if you want to follow that! Mostly it's just been posting about art up here, but a bit of other stuff as well occasionally so follow there if you're so inclined. AND I've (finally) just started a facebook page; I get a lot of friend requests on my personal page but I only use that for, well, people I actually know, so it's about time that I got something set up where everyone can connect a bit better :D
I know my replying to comments here has gotten a bit slacker lately, and it seems a little counterintuitive to open another avenue of communication on top of that, but I'll try to keep up with stuff!

I might actually set up a WIP section over there, too, for bits and pieces that aren't finished (which I've got a lot of) that I don't really want to add up here.

So! Social networking ahoy.
Let's see how this all goes...

UPDATE: Speaking of all this social networking, my sister :iconhannakin: has ALSO started a facebook page! So check her out :D
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SO! The fantastic :iconzeoarts: did himself a 100 x $10 commission challenge, and the equally awesome :icongambear1er: decided to follow suit! So head on over to his journal to check it out!

Examples here -
34s2k34 by Gambear1er Skull_Squid by Gambear1er Venom by Gambear1er

In other news, February is over and I sort of slacked off at the end there because I took a trip back to Australia for a good friend's wedding! But it was fantastic being so productive, and I'm going to try and find some happy medium of productivity, more so at least than what I had been previously.

So that's all good!
Thanks again for all the support I get from you guys, too, since I've still got a huge backlog of comments T_T
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First off, theCHAMBA inspired me to get in on the drawing-a-day thing going on for February over at Satellite Soda (bunch of fantastic guys!) so there should be plenty of stuff going up this month, fingers crossed!

Also, the comments situation hasn't mostly improved since my last journal, so in order even attempt to bring things into line I'm going to cull my message centre of anything beyond January (I've got stuff from friggin AUGUST, and it just feels weird replying now >.<). I really appreciate all the comments, thankyou all! I'll continue to make the effort to reply to most everything, and I certainly read it all! So thanks again.

Hope everyone's doin' well as we get on into this new year :D
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Been a while, and I've been terribly slack with my catching up on comments and deviations! This weekend I finally got my watchlist down from around 1400 deviations to empty, which I was happy about! (So much awesome art :D)
But I've still got 1700 comments waiting O_O
Some date back to July, so mostly I guess I can just leave the 'cool!' ones unanswered, but still! I do like trying to keep up with them, so it's a bit of a hefty backlog. ANYWAY.

On a more exciting note, I've got a big workshop in the newest issue of ImagineFX (number 75), including a video demo! (Though I just noticed that the cover says '11 hours of video workshops' and I'm hoping they at least slightly sped up the 8 1/2 hour file I gave them!)
SO, keep an eye out for that if it's the sort of thing you're interested in!

I'll put the finished illo up here soon, but I figure I'll leave it to them for a bit first :D

Anyway, in [the likely] case I don't get around to many of the comments any time too soon, thanks again for everyone's continued support! It's always really appreciated.

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Hullo all!
I've really been meaning to, but I still haven't gotten around to properly digging into my backlog of comments, so before it gets too late I want to say thankyou to everyone for all the birthday wishes and all your constant support. (I just hit 500k views! I guess that's some sort of milestone :D)

It's always appreciated,
and I'll try to get to them all soon.

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So, nothing too dramatic going on really but I always feel I should at least attempt to keep this a bit up-to-date.
(Thanks kindly to Marcellyne and alexandrasalas for the latest DD on my Snufkin piece, also!)
Work's been fantastic and busy lately but outside that I haven't been doing nearly as much personal work as I would like (as you may have noticed), so that's something I'm going to be trying to remedy in the immediate future; we'll see how that works out.
(I do at least have a bit of an excuse at the moment though since my parents are out visiting for a few weeks...)

some things I thought I'd share, for the sake of content and because I've been listening to them alternatively quite a lot lately; coming from somewhat opposite ends of the spectrum, I suppose you'd say, and both perhaps something of an acquired taste - two of my favourite vocalists / lyricists (both for different reasons, I guess)

Joanna Newsom! is just so wonderful, and Ys is one of the most beautiful albums I've ever heard
Only Skin

and, in an entirely different direction, less-known probably and maybe more difficult,
Julie Christmas (in Made out of Babies here; her recent solo stuff is fantastic as well, especially the latest two tracks she released, and of course in Battle of Mice)
How to Get Bigger

Make of that what you will,
I get very inspired by music, and there are some things along these lines coming along slowly bit by bit, but it's never a simple thing to take the imagery that appears in my head when listening and actually translate it out - and I have a strange reluctance to start things before I have a firm idea of what I want, since it feels like I'll be wasting it if I start too haphazardly. I need to just be a bit more decisive and get comfortable with doing more pieces if the first doesn't turn out exactly as I'd imagine or like.
Maybe after all that I'll actually get something finished.

I will leave a link up to the Babe Lab interview still, so there can at least be some productive use for this journal at the end (same warning again as well, some NSFW stuff in other areas of the blog).
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Ahoy all!
Been a while, just a quickish update here to say that I did an interview with the ever-inspiring Paul Richards over at his Babe Lab blog, and I also painted this to go along with it.

Ambition by Mr--Jack

Read the interview here!

(It's a fantastic blog but definitely the rest of the content is fairly NSFW and recommended for MATURE READERS ONLY so you have been warned!)

Enjoy :D
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