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So! I bought a fantastic statue of Yoko last year at SDCC, but have only just gotten around to actually start watching Gurren Lagann; pretty friggin' awesome!

I'd been meaning to paint her for ages anyway, and here we go then! Couple of hours in photoshop; was planning originally to do a colour piece, but was having fun with the greyscale rendering so I decided to leave it like that :D
(been a while since I finished any personal works, so I figured while I was enjoying it I may as well finish it up)
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well done man! love the spillage overflow and the contour of the shading!
zikeyo's avatar
Nicely done! The way that hair brings up so much motion in the picture is amazing. :P
A-REF's avatar
Cold-blooded killer. Amazing.
THEJOHN59's avatar
Elle est superbe
xXbest1aXx's avatar
DUDE!!!!! this is amazing
Lutandraxler's avatar
MysteRitz's avatar
yup that's yoko. bouncy tits and all. anyways very nice king kittan. i'm absolutely loving it
hatchet4yourneck's avatar
hey mr. jack... is that the cause of your surprise

i like yoko, you should try kamina in a similar design.
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kazaah's avatar
Supercharged Yokoooo

NeoKal's avatar
I like the way you draw tight fitting clothing and the way her boobs, hips, and thighs "spill out" over said clothing. I like that kind of art!

People should be less afraid to draw "fat" on women. Everyone loves curves, afterall!
RatedREmotions's avatar
Wow This is Really Awesome You are good At drawing robots and stuff you should draw Gurren Laggan its self :o
DaveoOzWizard's avatar
One of my all time favorite characters..great work.
GrainGnome's avatar
this rock mister jack!
r7ll's avatar
Gurren Lagann in the background is getting a nice eyeful!
HaywireVisions's avatar
Great widescreen format and super style.
HateThat's avatar
TENGA TOPPA!!! GURREN LAGANN!!! Very cool, you should do one of the final transformation of Gurren Lagann..... how cool would that be ey?! ;)
Mr--Jack's avatar
I still haven't gotten to the end of the series so I'm not quite sure... but probably pretty cool!
HateThat's avatar
oh damn sorry dude! lol! didn't mean to spoil anything.... hehe watch that man, its unreal! ;)
Mr--Jack's avatar
haha; no probs - and I'll get there soon!
HateThat's avatar
Cool, if ya like that anime, try Heroic Age after or Evangelion (obviously) ;)
HeavensDawn's avatar
Nice, I like the solid colors you used for black, not in shades of black, just solid simple black, which makes the picture stand out more. You have great composition and I really like your artwork
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