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WitchDoctor Process

By Mr--Jack
Mostly I'm just putting this up because I really liked the initial sketch, but here we go anyway :D
Adobe Photoshop CS4, about 8 or 9 hours, final overlay texture from Pretty much all painted with a hard round brush, with size/opacity set to pen pressure.
Final size - 5k px tall; closeup here at 50% full size.

Final's up here -

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© 2010 - 2021 Mr--Jack
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ZenJulia's avatar
Nice nice nice!
KrisCooper's avatar
Thank you, these are super helpful!
Iliketoplayinthedirt's avatar
I absolutely love drawing like this where the different stages of completion are shown. It just means so much more somehow, like I now know how much effort was put into every step.
ichimarunef's avatar
Awesome, thanks for sharing all those process :)
ArsonDadko's avatar
Do you paint on a single layer?
Exphrasis's avatar
hey man been a while :)
Was just looking back at this tut for some help and was wondering, between step 3 and 4, have you worked a bit more on the line art or did you just continue painting and added some line works ' on the fly ' on some important edges ? Not sure if my question is clear...
Thanks for all your tutorials btw, really helps ! :)
Mr--Jack's avatar
No, I didn't really do any re-working of the lines - I may have done some slight re-definition but mostly all of it is still what was there in step 3 - I've just painted the background in now so it looks like the lines are more pronounced.

Exphrasis's avatar
Alright thanks again :)
Thanks to this I made my own version of the witch doctor hehe.

Cheers :)
Keilink's avatar
It's impressive that you use almost no linearts comparing to the precision of the final render.

Awesome work :O
curlpop's avatar
wow look at the first gesture! What a stunner!
Mr--Jack's avatar
BrianLukArt's avatar
Thanks for the step by step tut
Mr--Jack's avatar
you're welcome :D
MyBeloved's avatar
if i am HALF as good as you one day, i will die happy. I'm lovin the original sketch too!!!
Mr--Jack's avatar
Thank you :D
Drew06's avatar
can you help me with this?[link]
joverine's avatar
very nice & I agree that initial sketch is pure gold!
Mr--Jack's avatar
embrio's avatar
Cool, I love seeing other artists' process. Looooove the lighting.
ProfZamn's avatar
I'm liking the skull makeup on the head.
Mr--Jack's avatar
Siriae92's avatar
Pretty large work. Does larger canvas makes it easier to draw better? (
sry for english)
Mr--Jack's avatar
Not really; in fact, being bigger means you have to be tighter with your details usually, but I always like to know that if I wanted to print it out at a decent size then I could, which gets awkward at smaller resolutions.
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