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Widow Mine

By Mr--Jack
So, some official art now!
Along with the Swarm Host I created some art for some of the other new units coming in Heart of the Swarm as well, and they're slowly getting released!
The Terran Widow Mine this time; a bit of a different pace to the Zergy stuff I seem to do more often.
Bigger wallpaper has been released here as well if you want.
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Banshee: Oh look a missile turret, there's only one though, Ill juusssssTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA F#$%ING WIDOW MINES
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Super Picture and a good design, very nice :) (Smile)
alexisgeneral15's avatar
Wow nice is more awesome wht the mech y hercules
justinmanas's avatar
Your use of color is a rarely beheld beauty.
DTCale's avatar
Omg this one was my wallpaper for ever ! I'm more than a fan now ^^
Bogivry's avatar
I'm putting this into an overlay for the game. Seeing as how it's official blizzard, I assume it's ok? Drop me a line if I'm wrong, and ty for sharing great art <3
BeckaIII's avatar
fuck those mine
fieldmarshal's avatar
holy shit you are the artist for the widow mine?

fantastic work man.
Earig's avatar
I love your work! and it's in game :D!
Ziddius's avatar
you make them appear to be one of the most bad ass units in the game lol
silentpenman's avatar
Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-mine. :D
NoodleboxP's avatar
I have question of the opening of the Heart of the Swarm. Was the group call in deviantart have any influence of any kind in the opening? An artist name tengen by any chance?
Mr--Jack's avatar
I'm pretty sure not, why?
Zorro-and-Destiny's avatar
So detailed...
So inspirational...
So... Extraordinary.
I simply adore your work, style and ideas! OuO
spazzPP2's avatar
uh oh.. is it looking at me?
Almaoscurecida's avatar
I love the explorer machine. And thanks for hte wallpaper!
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I am still waiting for Blizzard to reimplement the warhound mech. I love the mines, but the terrans are somewhat short on new units. ^^
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