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Vindictive Strike

It turns out two more of my WoW TCG cards have been printed and are out now in the Icecrown Citadel raid set, so here we go!

Action! :D

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the blazing armor is really well done. Really like all the heat distress and cracking.
thats one bad ass grandpa 
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oh my g...!!!! This is freaking amazing !!!
Hey man, I love a piece of art you did a couple years ago. I wanted more info on what you can do with it. Can you email me,
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You are my hero!!! i LOVE it :love:
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"SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKA!!" had to be done.
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By the Light!
Finally some real art of the Ashbringer, and of course, Tirion! You have no idea how much I love him, and how disappointed I am to see how little attention he gets.
Poor old man.

I love you for this!!
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Excuse me sir my sword is getting a little heavy can you hold it for me...IN YO CHEST?!
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Wow! Amazing work!! :)
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they need to update that sword badly
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Ashbringer in it's awesome glory! Brillant job with the armor and the poor ghoul there.
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Love the colors and armor design.
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Great movement ang painting man. You make me wanna try to learn how to color better xD
Tirion Fordring looking badass, as usual.
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Looks amazing!
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Great facial expression.
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all i can say is bitch please
hell yeah tirion!
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