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Vale of Dragons

By Mr--Jack
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Been a while!
So, my wonderful girlfriend has been rather addicted to DragonVale on her phone of late, and I figured painting some dragons for her might be a bit of fun.

Didn't really think it was going to be quite as dramatic as this when I started, otherwise I might've been better off planning out the composition a little more off the bat, but turns out I was right! It was a lot of fun :D
Ended up taking a bit longer than I expected, too, maybe about 20 hours all up over the last week, but it was really nice to be in the mood to sit down and actually get some painting done, which has been a bit lacking lately.

So, Enjoy!
(also, can anyone guess them all, if you play? ^_^)

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That's the lightning, fire, winter, plant, poison and I'm guessing flower dragon.
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NoneStopArtStudent Digital Artist
Can I put this on my pillow so I can see it everyday
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R1VIIHobbyist General Artist
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MonoFlaxHobbyist General Artist
OcO *Insta-Watch*
Ma-er's avatar
They look so cool :0 
I've been trying to draw dragons myself lately (inspired by certain animals, as part of some drawing challenge), but I definitely need some more practice.. xD 
Once again, great work :heart:
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KibaKSBHobbyist Digital Artist
so cool! keep up the good work! :la:
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ChiliLimeProfessional Digital Artist
Just got this print from photonicplayground and it's soo awesome! It's definitely taking main place on my wall! Thank you Luke!

Best regard! Alexander.
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FyreflyskyHobbyist General Artist
Lovely set of dragons.  
CarameliaBriana's avatar
CarameliaBrianaStudent Digital Artist
The poison dragon's head kinda reminds me of Smaug
xXxCalibrationsxXx's avatar
This piece is just simply breathtaking.
The detail is freaking stunning!
utriv's avatar
Love the dragons, man!
BBigu's avatar
There is something special in this piece, man.
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vagepaulHobbyist Artist
:D :D
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KyuremGirlHobbyist General Artist
This is truly amazing! Are you planning on doing more DragonVale Dragons? I would love to see a Winter Seasonal Dragon!
I see:
Smoke Dragon (?)
Lightning Dragon
Fire Dragon
Lava Dragon
Scorch Dragon
Blazing Dragon
Flower Dragon
Baby Evergreen Dragon
Baby Cold Dragon
Baby Plant Dragon 
And a Beast-looking Poison Dragon...
Mr--Jack's avatar
Hehe, maybe; though I've slowed down playing it lately :P
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KyuremGirlHobbyist General Artist
I'd really like to see one if you have the time! :)
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snuddiHobbyist Digital Artist
fuck man
those colors

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This is so incredibly awesome. The style is bliss!
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Sabor7Student Artist
awesome. :)
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CoffeeAddictedDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
I play Dragon vale!
Let's see... a lightning Dragon, a baby cold Dragon, a flower Dragon,a small plant Dragon, a pine Dragon a big poison Dragon a fog Dragon, a fire Dragon. A scorch DrAgon, a blazing Dragon... yup. Think I did it. Was I right?
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lEID3RHobbyist Digital Artist
excellent piece of dragons! :)
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LadySundelyneHobbyist Traditional Artist
OH-MY-GOD... I looveee iiiiiiittttt :'D you're just AWESOME!!!! Very nice work :meow:
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JTorrevillasProfessional Digital Artist
I love the diffuse on their membranes / fins. WOW
Smolin's avatar
SmolinProfessional Digital Artist
Despite any lack of a plan you might have had, I love the composition. It's got great flow from one dragon/area to the next, and never gets murky along the way. The only part where the rhythm falls out of step is across the middle, with those two orange dragons, because they are the same scale and color temperature and they face the same direction. But that's a minor quibble for an excellent piece! Faved.
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