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Ultralisk II

By Mr--Jack
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So here we are!

Not-quite-last ground unit, but epic enough for all that.
Certainly the most time-consuming so far, and the only one to span a couple of days.
Higher res can be found here!.
(thought I'd put the logo up there since I am a staff-member at and all, might as well promote it a bit).

(a note; two of the keywords I'm adding for this pic are 'misplaced confidence' )
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henukim's avatar

Plz add new link of higher resolution img or a download

ITSEB's avatar
rip ultralisk.


say bye bye ultralisk
poehalcho's avatar
High res link is down :(
M3L1K380X's avatar
That's one brave zealot
Don't wurry he got this. d('-'d)
kottadragon's avatar
He got dis . d('-'d)
I think that creature is not an ultralisk but omegalisk.
chronozon937's avatar
The balls on that zealot though.
XEverSouldarknessX's avatar
that zealot is fucked XD
nice job
Dark74c7ics's avatar
poor,poor zealot he never saw what came to him thanks to burrow charge[link]
spiffycat's avatar
And it got removed thankfully.
luuanh's avatar
do you work for blizzard? Such a talent artist
Khoi128's avatar
10 Bucks say ultralisk can take down godzilla.
Ahrrhd's avatar
Epic...This Ultralisk looks bigger than HotS intro cinematic Ultralisk
TsunamoriNanashi's avatar
What happened to the old Ultra design? I've seen it in low res around the internet, but I can't find it in your gallery, did you remove it?
TsunamoriNanashi's avatar
[link] ...this one. It looks like your stile but maybe I'm mistaken. It's the SC1 ultra with the droopy mouth.
Psychorror's avatar
From a distance, that Zealot has a vague resemblance to Earthworm Jim.
NathanBlackwolf's avatar
That is incredible!!!!
YoshiMastar's avatar
"Don't worry guys I GOT THIS!"
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