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Tyrael, Archangel of Justice

Next in the series of paintovers for Heroes of the Storm; apparently I missed Tyrael week, but here he is anyway!
Original model by Phill Gonzales and textures by Ted Park.
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Tyrael is an amazing warrior to use (with the right build of course if you choose "Protection after death" at level 1)
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Like Windrunner Sylvanas, expect you to create one.
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Thanks for supporting a game that has made me an addict, you drug/game dealer!!! lol, for realz though that is an honor to have worked on that game, and great art man!
my favourite hero
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Tyrael. very pretty !! He was always my favorite in Diablo)
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amazing wings !


Tumblr blog

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Shiny awesomeness *______*
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looove this one! the detail put on the armour is insane o.o;
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reminds me of the angles out of darksiders 
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people u should watch in youtube DIIABLO3 the wrath (so cool)
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Excelente Clap Clap 
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I <3 Tyrael!! Fantastic job with him!
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so fucking amazing :O
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Love it! Is there any way I could get this image without the background?
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You must be working sooooooooooo hard.
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On the list of gaming histories most bad ass levels of bad assery... there is Tyrael
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This would be an AWESOME Diablo character. 
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Whoops. I should have clicked the link before I commented...he IS a blizzard character. :D 
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