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The many faces of Nova

This one's been floating around on the internet for quite a while now so along with the other concepts I've just put up I figured I might as well actually add it here - this was initially done as just a lineup of 'possible' skins, to get an idea of the different directions that we can take characters in.
So we're getting through them - Roller Derby Nova obviously came out pretty quickly, the Stealth Suit ended up being her Master skin and as we've just recently showed off, the Novazon skin will be coming out at some point soonish.
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Awesome concepts! 
ShikamaruNaraA's avatar
Infested nova look great :D
Levicopter's avatar
man i wish the masterskin actually looked like this! it's SICK <3 <3 <3 
LordDarkstarr's avatar
Nice, especially the Infested Nova. Any chance of seeing her in Protoss Zealot armor, pretty please? (What can I say, I love the Protoss!) And maybe a Night Elf or Blood Elf Nova as well?
LoveCa3ne's avatar
Maaaaan, why u did that "hovering" ponytail on master skin ? This is totaly unmotivated  and useless for her proffesion >_< :D.......oh god....and they implemented it xD
Fins-Wonderland's avatar
I have the Roller Derby one and I love it but wth is up with the butterflys on them.
I though someone added them later after the inital concept but now I see they are in the concept too I hate them even more.
They are so flat and irritating. I wish they would not be on there.
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Love me some Nova, but is roller derby version an actual thing?
Narga-Lifestream's avatar
Zerg-Nova, OMG *_* I love it!
RoboMonkey03's avatar
Cant wait to see the artwork for Artanis, and his upcoming Purifier Skin :D
raikoart's avatar
will kill for infested nova
Colorbind's avatar
True concept art at it's finest. Love your stuff as always man. I love seeing the actual production art rather than the polished stuff for marketing. Cheers!
KreepingSpawn's avatar
My fav is the dark suit with full face helm.  :nod:
It's not clear to me though if that blue object is her hair, or a shield on her right arm.
Isengim's avatar
Holographic ponytail.…
The art's getting to me - I really got to play this.
Isengim's avatar
Well, if we're never going to get Starcraft: Ghost.... :devilish:
Clayman8's avatar
Are all these going to come out (thats if you're allowed to share the info of course) or just the ones you mentioned?
Love the Novazon (i always had a crush on the Amazon back in D2), Nova Croft and of course the Zerg-Nova.
Andantonius's avatar
DUDE!!!! It's so awesome to see some of your concept art, I've often wondered what it looks like and it's super cool how similar it is to your pinup style, and how well that translates to the final 3d. The master skin on this one is sweeeet, I just got her to 10 this week and have been enjoying slaughtering people with a glowing ponytail, haha. Would throw all kinds of money at that Zerg skin, too.

Really killer work, man!
Inkary's avatar
Not sure which skin is that - the second from the right, the TRON-esque one, deaR LORD IT GIVES HARDEST BONERS woowwww
As much as I'm embarrassed to tell but i'd play hots only for that skin, haha.
Ryvienna's avatar
I love Zerg Nova!!
PBEsteves's avatar
That 5th concept is so good *-*
EsquiruaSymouri's avatar
Ovvscolofex's avatar
don't car about any of the others, just give us the infested one!

...thjough the JSRF one is pretty gewt
IttCortez's avatar
Loved to see this stuff :D
Keep them coming.
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