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The Teacher

By Mr--Jack
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The next one in a batch of short Starcraft stories that I've illustrated has just been released (even if I did the painting at the end of 2011!)

Check it out here:
The Teacher
Dr. Loew wants to tame the Zerg to save Terran lives. All past efforts to subjugate the Swarm have yielded nothing short of catastrophe, which is why Dr. Loew is pursuing a slightly . . . different approach. But when the Dominion takes an interest in her research, Loew realizes that the Zerg may not be the only monsters she’s dealing with.

You can find a bigger wallpaper version of this up on the SC2 website in the Media section
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Ragnarok6664's avatar
Nice, takes me back to Alien Ressurection,and aye Hydralisks are awesome.
AstroFox624's avatar
Zerg with Terran ink? Badass!
UDtheAesir's avatar
Cool, at first glance, it makes me think of the Alien Queen from Aliens. I like it!
DZkribblerLuiz's avatar
They look like they were promoted to Hunter Killers :)
MrPryminista's avatar
TsunamoriNanashi's avatar
The guy that painted those stripes on them is either dead or has big balls of steel.
Atrocious-Freak's avatar
Man, hydralisks are the best monsters ever :]
merka2021's avatar
Peep-Man's avatar
Tame Zerg? Sound cool!!!
TsunamoriNanashi's avatar
and ride zerglings intro the battlefields like horribly deformed pony horses.
Even better, Jim Raynor saddling up on an Ultralisk.
Hannakin's avatar
Ooh! Zergies with Terran paint look cooooool!
Ahrrhd's avatar
I wonder how do they manage to put the Dominion's symbols on their body..Fantastic!!
Tokoldi's avatar
Another great one.
InsmouthFishPerson's avatar
Corporal Zerg reporting for duty, sah!
WeisseEdelweiss's avatar
I didn't see this! Here I go to read it! : )

Beautiful art work of hydras btw.
rawwad's avatar
Cool, Very cool. Actually I am bit tired from this creature, but it looks new and fresh in your style :)
LisaGorska's avatar
i think i'll die from a heart attack if this thing tries to "save" me.
RealTimeBrush's avatar
Terrific work, love this style of hydralisk
BluDrgn426's avatar
hmm, Zerg under terran control without the forced assistance of a cerebrate or Kerrigan... interesting.
Sagittarius-A-star's avatar
Rawr!! :) Awesome work, man, you are great at monsters...
MephMan's avatar
I love your work!! :D
shadowvaen's avatar
At first glance this looked a lot like something I killed in Dead Space 2 the other day. Great work!
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