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The Lich Prince

We don't get to post a heap of behind-the-scenes stuff here, but while in London for the Heroes launch Phill Gonzales and I had an interview with IGN where we were able to show off some of our concept work.

Skins are a great way of not only giving our Heroes cool new looks but also acknowledging the stories and lore behind them, and Arthas as a Paladin was one of the first things we knew we wanted to do. So the concepts here are trying to work out how far to push the Paladin side, and where to get it so that Arthas would still read as Arthas in-game and not get too close to Uther, our other hammer wielding Pally.
(There was even brief talk at one point of having Paladin Arthas as an Uther skin rather than an Arthas skin, but you can probably work out why that didn't pan out)
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I instantly had to buy this skin because Warcraft 3 got me back into Blizzard games after briefly playing The Lost Vikings on Snes ages ago XD. Love his voice work for this skin too, so reminiscent of the RTS.
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I would like to see Arthas the Paladin again before a time-warped character focusing on Retribution spec skills.
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He just lost his leg..
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The proportions in WIII were ridiculous.
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That hammer is beast.
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Arthas is way to short to look scary in game...
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It's the art-style. in WoW he's MUCH more intimidating. During the Death Knight leveling experience he's several feet above a TAUREN...which are the tallest playable race of the game.
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LOL, I'm imagining how wide his shoulder would actually be to fit that armor.
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It's a real treat to see the rough, behind the scenes stuff.
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looks exhausting to do anything in that armor
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I really really really love seeing the concept sketches and the work behind the scenes of these amazing characters. I would shout "More Please!" if you're able. I was given the Art of Blizzard as a gift and it is Amazing. Read it cover to cover. And my favorite pieces were the black and white concept sketches. Your work is inspiring, as is the rest of the crew. Thank you for this behind the veil glimpse!
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Uther as a Lich skin comes to mind ._.
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That hammer design is very cool.
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It's really great to see this stuff!  All we ever really get to see are the finished products.  

Also, I was just wondering if you could post the live illustration you did of Kerrigan with an Ultralisk and Hydralisk.  I've only seen like pictures of pictures of that one and it looked pretty sweet.  
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"Wait! This battleground has mercenaries? Excellent! I LOVE mercenaries!" - Arthas
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I fucking love drawing characters holding weapons near the top (blade or what have you) and then giving it a massive, almost staff like, handle. I think it looks so cool, like the way he's holding that hammer on the left. Love the style too, even though these are sort of rough.
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This is really cool, and makes a ton of sense now that I read the book about the lore behind Arthas. I only had a vague recollection of when I played Warcraft as a kid before that.
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aaaaawe Yes!

My friend just bought this skin! 
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