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Day 20!
It's really been good doing so much painting, even if I am scrabbling around trying to work out what to do half the time :D

Not really sure what prompted this one, though I guess owls are pretty popular these days.
A bit of fun, not 100% happy with it but it was getting late last night, maybe some more owl-people in the future?

About 2 and a half hours, or so.
Process is up here -

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I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
matt0403's avatar
i sense new lol champion material here
amine999's avatar
Did you come here from a LoL thread about monsters we need in the league by Celebi?
Reimon-Master-II's avatar
Wow! An impressive work, not in thousand years I would manage something does as this O.O! You are undoubtedly an artist of the anthropomorphic art!
jailgurdnegative's avatar
now that's an owl i'd want to get. :D
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toshi13go's avatar
doesn't really look like he needs the cane...
BAMillustration's avatar
Whoa, that is some hard core owl action.
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Amazing!!! Very good, congratulations!
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I still seriously cannot get over how unfathomably EPIC this picture is!
So freakin' awesome!
DwizzleFull's avatar
this is the coolest thing ever
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This came out sexy! Love it, do more. =D
thevampiredio's avatar
wow i like this guy already.:D
Drakonias115's avatar
Whoa, furries! ^_^
He would win an a boxing match any day. I like your character design!
Blindscape's avatar
how do you usually come up with these concepts? there'll all so amazing
Ratula's avatar
I really like this character design :-)
Faedus's avatar
World of Darkness Changing Breeds?
Servaline's avatar
I really really really love the background. I don't know why. It feels like it gives off some overcast-in-a-stick-forest feel, which suits the subjects.
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