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Descriptive! Day 24 from last night, another quickish one (maybe an hour or so)
Thanks to Steve for talking about a snail-man he'd been working on I decided to try something too.
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Hi nice art could I ask you questions about snailman?
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I didn't know I needed this

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Snailman, HELP ME!

I'm coming!


I'm on the way!


Hang on, lady!
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Friends don't let friends get bitten by gastropods during the full moon. 'Nuff said.
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This is scary. I'll just be faving this.
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It is good. I love especially the textures.
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Woah. I can imagine seeing this in a video game, a horror/sci-fi movie, an animated movie, a graphic novel, or a novel. Very well done. Makes me wish I could paint like that.
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NOOOO this is Amazing and funny at the same time lol XD
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awesome concept!
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better than tnmt  Snail man he will fight crime ....eventually .....when he gets there LOL Cheerin' on mah snail Snail first attempt Snail-LA 
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I'd really like to fave this because this is so wonderfully original!
But to be honest I'm just too scared of snails 0_0
I'm quite glad that snails don't have legs like that XD
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(what just happened upon looking) hmhmhm*chuckles and pauses* hehehahahHAHAH *laughs uncontrollably* i love this
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I would marry this guy if he were real.

I'm dead serious here.
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Awesome concept ;)
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LoLz Snailman!?
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pure awesomeness xDhats off 
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I would REALLY like to see this is some game. More specificly an enemy in a game :D
Slow, but when he gets to you, you're in BIG trouble!
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he just hugs you to death,or so it would seem
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