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Skyrazor Process

Here you go!
So once again unfortunately I didn't really save any steps in the 'painting' stage so much, but hopefully you get the gist of it anyway.

While I think the first sketch I did was more effective as an image itself, the focus of the card needed to be on the blue drake with the red drake being almost incidental, rather than actually showcasing the battle between the two as much.
Probably about 12 hours, all in photoshop CS 4.
Final document ended up with 10 layers (I think that seems about average for these images) and working res is 6000x4600 px.

Final is up here -

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this is the difference.
I even fell in love with the wrong focused version.
:D (Big Grin) 
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i lost at panel 5
PariahJack's avatar
paint it...i love that step lol... "Just do it, make it awesome thats easy, as simple as that :D"
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first sketch is cool too~
ccjellis's avatar
I quite liked the first sketch :3
Azureith's avatar
amazing! i love seeing step by steps
kmathel94's avatar
TaraLouiseBeddow's avatar
you are freaking awsome!
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What are the settings for your brushes??
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My I ask: When you "paint in" over the basic composition, do you do it on separate layers over the composition and if so, how many layers? ^ ^
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DDDDDDDDDDDDD: since when could photoshop be this awesome DDDDD:
Green-Parsley's avatar
Do you just erase the rough colours that are outside dragon sketches once you've painted the actual dragons in?
Teaeria's avatar
Wow amazing how you did the drakes :D I take it you are/was a wow player? ;)
Ukasarathewolf's avatar
Last pic at the bottom: IMA FIRE MEH LAZOOOR!!!! XD
Dak--Commstar's avatar
:D Your tutorials are awesome! :D
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That's one of an awesome tutorial. Thanks a lot, very good work!
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Great tutorial thank you for sharing.
00Maria00's avatar
Some people make it look so easy!
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