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I've had an idea for a while of painting mecha inspired by various birds (more so colour schemes and patterning rather than mechs that look like birds) and so here's the first, inspired by some lovely little Ruddy Ducks that I saw at San Diego Zoo yesterday (I've always loved their simple stylishness)

There are some perspective and symmetry issues but I had fun with it and I'm going to try and do some more of these quick-ish-ly I think so hopefully that will all improve as I go.

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i like to imagine it walking around like a duck
yoloswag32's avatar
Very well drawn!
Just-Rube's avatar
well i certainly saw those legs before! hello rex!
asilverberg's avatar
Mad respect! this is just plain beautiful
What brushes did you use?
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shit man, you are incredible
greensandsguy's avatar
brilliant rough sketch! love the overall design and atmosphere! :D

i have lots to learn........

MZ8zone's avatar
Sweet macha.
ACarrasquillo's avatar
I need a tablet....this is nice.....
RedCrow-ART's avatar
Amazing, so dynamic style and theme both! Grats!
jobagjumping's avatar
wow.... really awsome... do you create this with adobe photoshop bro?
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It looks so futuristic! I love it! I wish I could be able to make something like this. What program do you use?
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Great image! Is there anywhere on the web where you have posted a process tutorial on how you paint? What layers and brushes used and such?
g-dab's avatar
This is fucking amazing. How do you do it. Teach me. :D
MrMayhemm's avatar
Simply incredible
teyoliia's avatar
damn, what a sexy mech. <3 :D
memod's avatar
This is really cool, I love the bold colours and these aggressive shapes. I also quite like how you managed to paint a pose that looks as if he jumped down, slides and is about to come to a halt. And all that with a very loose and brushy feeling. Very neat work!

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cute cute haha..
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I think I fell in love.
This is the exact style of painting that i hope to acheive. Do you have any tutorials on this style?
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