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Protectorate: Vigilant

Since Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth is out now I can show this; another of the Warjack illos I did for Privateer Press last year, and the only one for that faction. A lot of fun it was though!.

(Linework in Sketchbook Pro, colours in PS CS3; probably about 20 hours or so. Process can be seen here if you're so inclined.)

Warmachine © Privateer Press
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© 2010 - 2021 Mr--Jack
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YOU DID THIS?! *head implodes*
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I always liked those WarJacks!!!
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holy poop! i love this!
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impresionante, me encanto tu galeria
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Awesome work! the details are so crisp.
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So colorful yet so menacing. This is really beautiful.
Any chance you doing one on High Exemplar Kreos?
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So very very Awesome! :squee:
Thanks for sharing!
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THat's insanely cool!
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You know, I'ld like to sit down and see if I could sculpt a model of this guy.
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My dad showed me the books and thought they looked awesome. I'm starting to collect the books.
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:D I'm glad to hear it!
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!!! that's amazing!! May I ask How long does it take for you to finish a work like this???? ! Awesome! :)
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You Talk About A Warrior Ready For Battle
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Vnice... I suppose global warming was not consider in the picture? (stares at smoke cloud) :hexentanz: hehehehe
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Ah rushed a comment I love the detail and splendid coloring. I can see it now, bashing though opposing force, it's spiked shields creating a rift upon fragile bone and metal.
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That is awesome! Nicely done.
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(O_O).................*BOOM* Sorry that was my head exploding from to much awesome on one page.
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Why cant take make a video game with units like this, table top games has the best looking units
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