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Plague of Toads



So there was a thread on the Diablo 3 forums complaining about the witch doctor's ' plague of toads' spell, wherein he conjures a bunch of acid-filled toads which leap towards enemies and explode, and I rather felt like drawing it . . . I've wanted to but haven't done a pic of the WD yet, and he(or she) seems like a pretty cool class, have to say.

About 3 hours, PS with photos from
(and yes, I know toads don't have teeth but hey, a bit of artistic license was entered into)
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Moses Plague of Frogs was better.

Wanted some tea? Frogs.
Wanted to bake something?  Get the frogs out of your oven. 
Did you want to have some alone time with your sweetie?  Good luck  with thousands of amphibious eyes watching you.
Did you want to take a shower?  Do you like taking it with thousands of frogs?  If so then jackpot!

The enemy died through the sheer exhaustion of trying to avoid the damn frogs. XD  Except if you did this to the French.