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SO! First day of February, and the first pic for Satellite Soda's Daily Draw February!!
I'm looking forwards to it, feel like I've been slacking off so far this year.

Something that I wasn't really sure about to begin with; inspired a bit by some of MichalKus' work, that I was looking at this week.

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reminds me of a Basilisk War Droid

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All your work is awesome. This is too cool
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Damn good, and your gallery is so damn cool :)
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the coolest robot iv seen by far
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fuck yeah this is siiiiick!
Very awesome picture. I have a question about it's functionality. Based on the design on the fron legs and the position of the back legs, it seems that this vehicle is stationary but is able to move a full 360. If it was to move it seems it would be slow or it would throw the driver off of the back. Please know I do enjoy this picture and I enjoy all of your other works.......
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This is stunning!
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That's just amazing. And badass.
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I love this style of art but I don't know how it's done
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Wally and Eve's daughter? ;)
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this is awesome!! the way the robot looks kinda reminds me of portal can this be inspired by that?
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Oh my god! That's awesome! 
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sir,may i ask you a question? what's the size that you draw a picture like this?   
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Um, between 3000 and 4000px wide :)
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wow, got it!  i'm your big  fan ,and your works are really awesome .   but my lines are quite rough, neither clean nor rhythm.  can you give some  advice when practicing?
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Amazing work... :love:
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Hi Jack! How long will to take to finish like this work?
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I think I spent about 5 or so hours on this
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Btw, do you have some painting videos with your works? i wanna see )))
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Really fantastic! especially the pose if that man, too cool !
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