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Nebulic Process

Process for this piece.
I didn't have a particularly solid idea when I sat down, but I pretty much blocked out the shapes I wanted with my very first few brushstrokes and went with it from there. I don't work with linework like this that much but it's quite fun!
Though it does sort of throw me off a bit when it comes to the painting stage, just because it can be hard to decide how much rendering I want to do and how much I'm happy to leave the linework show through.
Apologies too, that the first 'colour' stage is all one big jump, this method relies on me saving regularly and sometimes I do a bit too much without pausing so it skips some stuff.

Ended up taking about 7 hours last night, all in photoshop CS4, painted mostly with this square brush. Final file was about 4k px tall, and ended up being 5 paint layers and a couple of adjustments at the end.

Final is here -
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can I ask you something? How do you lay the armor of a character over your underdrawing? I often got the problem, I am satisfied with the pose, also know what kind of armor my character should get, but when I go over it, it always feels some kind of inaccurate. then I spend hours to fix that before I finally start over again.. when I look at your designs, it always looks so obvious how it should work, but it just does not. should I maybe just ignore that feeling and continue with my bloody pieces?? I know most of all the time, the answer is ~just more practice~... but maybe you got some advice to speed things a bit up?^^ greets and cheers! and thank you once more for sharing this process piece! 
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aargh! sorry sorry, just got out of practice... havent been drawing for a week now, that made me a bit confused.. everything is fine again XD.. have a nice weekend!^^
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Dude, I love your process things, they're so cool!
Miturtow's avatar
This is just magical La la la la 
JaimeDL's avatar
Thanks for sharing the process. Excellent work.
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isso09's avatar
Dude I love the fact that you're doing so much personal work now, and I love that you're uploading the process. This is super fucking helpful, and I'm sure I'm not the only one at my job who can learn from this. Thanks a lot!
AlexanderDario's avatar
For some reasons I love more the process than the final image... It's so intriguing looking the evolution of the lines and colors! Great work!
Nightblue-art's avatar
gah! Stop making everything look so easy already :P Great work as always.
ekarnopp's avatar
I only get jealous of people with Cintiq's when I see their digital drawings underneath..... I'm that right now, such great work man.
Crimm-Art's avatar
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck why do you make it look so easy, you fantastic bastard?
yamcara's avatar
beautiful job! O.O
JonnyDark's avatar
Scary! I'm not sure i want to know what you dream about.
HW-25's avatar
Beautiful work! I love seeing the process, very inspiring.
Jaeox's avatar
Nice job and thanks for the progress view :D
Budumpshh's avatar
fuuuuuckin awesome :D thanks for sharing *0*
kovah's avatar
How long would this kind of thing actually take? and do you do like an under sketch first to get the anatomy (especially of the people) right first or just go straight to black lines?
LotusFleur's avatar
I can relate to the problem you have when drawing with lineart. I think the amount of render looks just right in this one. Beautiful lineart. I really like how you let areas without much variety of colour or tone, hidden from the eye it helps the focal points and the general colour feeling of the picture, it's something I have to work on my stuff...

It's nice that you have a girlfriend that challenges you artistically. Keep up the good work!
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always cool to see the process
joshmurano's avatar
BUeno! Thanks for the share, awesome work!
MackBesmirch's avatar
how i love to watch you work ! thanks so much for sharing. this is really fabulous.
Sgt-Sahara's avatar
That's awesome <3
Have you ever done progress videos? That'd be amazing to watch!
m0x1e1's avatar
I think this is so tight. I love the compositional tweak you give it right at the end.
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