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So! yesterday I said I'd do something more complicated because I didn't have wow TCG art to do as well so would have more time, not because I wanted to stay up until after 3 to get something finished, BUT I guess that's the way art works sometimes!

Quite inspired by *SOPossum's awesome demons, this time.

(Also, I will have a process thing up for this one soon!)
Process is up here -
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this has got a very frazetta-type vibe to it, i love it :d
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in a fucked up way, that thing is kinda cute
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This is something else. Good work...
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Awesome piece! The palette, poses... really dynamic!
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Me da la yuyu >.<!!!
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This must be one epic battle...
I like the monsters build. really sinister, drain/undead/leeching-overlordy type o thing.
Ofcourse this is because he's a towering figure in space with bones protruding from his ehh... skin?
Also I think it adds a nice touch that it's damaged instead of in "perfect state".
I'd imagine it being a pain in the ass to get rid of, not to mention it can probably reassemble after being cut to pieces.
I wish the brave warrior good luck ^^"

good call, I see some similarities from his work and this one. It's a great source for inspiration I bet.
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Awesome! I so love those eighties colors!
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This is incredible :)
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Beautiful colours, distant and menacing all at the same time.
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I had a weird, creepy dream the other night. This is kind of bringing it back, but in a more groovy and space opera kind of way. If that makes sense.
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Masterpiece my lord
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Absolutely -love- the colour scheme of this. Would you consider offering it as a print?
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you amaze me everytime man!!


no homo
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nice colors , nice mood , good job ;)
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The scary monster is a nice one, I will add it to my favorites
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jojojojo, you are a beast, amazing
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holy shit pants!!! thats fuckin awesome!!!!!!!!!
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