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Woo! First of Feb, and first piece for THIS awesomeness - gonna be doing a drawing a day so hopefully it'll sort of make up for recent laxity.

SO, somehow I've never gotten around to actually painting Morrigan, so here we go!
About 3 hours last night.
Process is up here -

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wow so cool!
RedWingsDragon's avatar
Awesome work here
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Those thighs look delicious :yum:
Atatakakunakatta's avatar
Love your work man! Can I ask what brushes do you prefer to use? Also which opacity do you prefer? Cheers!
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She looks different, good different, your made her look amazing. The color flow is very smooth and the anatomy is flawless! <3
billycorganschic's avatar
love herrrrrr and love the way your draw her <3
GaramondBodoni's avatar
Was it done in 72dpi or 300dpi?
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this one has a really Tim burton feel to it.:D
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Is it Photoshop? Sai? or something else.
Your brush settings seems awesome!!
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good grief thats wonderful! have a medal.

i am stunned by all the people doing this february drawing thing, i started doing it and no idea that everyone else had thought of it first! XD
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Wow, impressive colouring! :)
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MISTAH J!! Loving these paints man
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I gotta learn how to color like this...
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Gonna catch it. >:3
Dragonnick741's avatar
only square brush?
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Damn I envy your coloring skills! you should get paid for giving lessons!!!!!!!!!! I'm planning to study more things, like color theory, and this kind of things. If someday you would like to do something like this, just tell it to me!
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I look at this and i can't help but think that that's what Morrigan would look like if she was a Tim Burton character. Anywho, amazing as always :D
Dragonnick741's avatar
eeeee ur oldstyle back )
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