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From last week's twitch stream playing around with some fishies! Was a little sad to leave it where I did in the end, only a super simple colour pass but I had a lot of fun with it anyway.

Videos of the stream are up on my youtube channel
Part 1
Part 2
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Really beautiful. Always loved these sort of alt mermaid designs.

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So dinamic! Love the composition and concept. I wish to see this as a full finished illustration La la la la Clap 
Inkserval's avatar
Very cool! I love the designs of the fishies 
Ki-0's avatar
So creative, And the proportion is so well done!
Haotaus's avatar
Man this is just incredible I can't stop staring at it...
Love the movement and the interpretation of Mermaids, they make me think of Lion Fish and Sea Dragons... couple of my favorite aquatic species.
FYGO369MFD's avatar
I really love those concepts! I've got to try something like that!
awsgames's avatar
is there a way to like double-favorite a picture or something. wicked cool pic my dude
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Most epic mermaids i've ever seen!
ariieve's avatar
beautiful! I always love more 'bestial' merfolk art. fantastic work, even if its not cleaned up and fully rendered ;)
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So much action here, I love it. The colors are so beautiful and definitely reads as the murky depths of a large body of water Nod  
artistjerrybennett's avatar
This is pretty epic. Love this.
jjuliuz's avatar
Just epic!! Like none of the mermaids I've seen so far!!
Rhysion's avatar
Very big! I don't think I've seen mer-folk like this before. The coloring is pretty neat too. Very underwatery.
Caladium's avatar
interesting designs, drawing looks dynamic and lively
Lassic's avatar
Your life was ended by murmaids~
LightArcIndumati's avatar
htiek066's avatar
Something here seems... FISHY
Enshohma's avatar
One of the most awesome things you've ever done thus far!
LaughingVexxo's avatar
Plague would be proud of this!
Esclarmonde-Art's avatar
That's beautiful ! I like the impression of movement of the two of them. Really cool design ! :) I have got an impression of strengh from them (their tails remind me the bodies of snakes, somehow, I think that's why).
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