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Lookout Process

By Mr--Jack
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Here's the process of the lookout pic.
A bit over 3 hours last night, roughly; all photoshop.

Final is up here -

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Damn, this looks so gorgeous and yet so simple...
I'm extremely impressed.
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oh this is so wonderful. wow. thanks for sharing this!
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Love such things, thank you)
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What presets do u use? it look soft.
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I really love the textures. what brushes did you use to get the great soft look?
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extra, and the process makes her alive, love that
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I love to watch your process... too bad my mental process can't keep up. lol
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I love your process stuff. It helps me to relax and not take myself too seriously and learn to try other approaches to get the effect/look that I want.
Pepershmoofen's avatar
what brush/brushes?
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awesome, love these wips.
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you are such a huge inspiration to me. You can stay so loose and free and yet get down/imply so many details. All your characters and illustrations have a life to them that I dont see so much in many other illustrations inthe same genre.
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That's super mega nice to show!How many layers?
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Um, about 5 painting layers + an adjustment at the end for levels :)
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I really enjoy seeing the process of other artists '-' It looks like you worked on just (or mostly) 1 layer. I don't have the guts to do that yet--every stroke feels sacred and I have this pathological need to have a zillion layers. xD
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Very nice final image! I always love watching another artist's process. Fascinating (to quote Mr. Spock)!
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