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Ladies of Warcraft

We don't get to post a heap of behind-the-scenes stuff here, but while in London for the Heroes launch Phill Gonzales and I had an interview with IGN where we were able to show off some of our concept work.

Jaina and Tyrande are two characters who have gone through a lot of looks in their history, and in bringing them over to Heroes it's always an interesting challenge choosing a look that fits who the character is, even if it's not their most recent incarnation.
So for Jaina, we basically revisited her Warcraft III look, though incorporating some of the costume updates that gave come through WoW with obvious up-rezzing of that original model.
Tyrande was similar, having started out in Warcraft III as an armoured and battle-ready Sentinel and ended up as more of a priestess in WoW in her ceremonial robes, and so we wanted to get her back to a look that makes sense with her being in combat. Compared to Jaina, though, we decided to come to more of a compromise between looks, and ended up with something that echoes the different phases of her life and represents the character as a whole.

Of course, skins give us the freedom to revisit the characters at different points throughout their history, and so we have plenty of room to bring back other looks down the line as well.
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"Compared to Jaina, though, we decided to come to more of a compromise between looks, and ended up with something that echoes the different phases of her life and represents the character as a whole."

That sounds challenging but very satisfying to figure out for each character. (I'm curious about which characters you found easier or harder to do that with.)

How DOES anyone pick clothing out of their closet to represent them at every stage in their life at an easily-recognizable glance? (It's not as straightforward as wearing a mullet with a business suit.)

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Hey Luke, I'm a huge fan of your work!
I was wondering if this would be the point where you would throw this sheet towards the 3d artists for them to start modeling, or if you would polish even further and add more references for them to go off of? Trying to get a feel for how much information exactly you include before sending it to the next stage of the pipeline
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Would i be able to use some aspects from the Tyrande design in my cosplay? 
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these pants... need to burn
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You guys have artbooks for most of the games you've done (if not all) aside from this. Any chance we will be able to get our hands on a HoTS book in the future?
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You draw STUNNINGLY! How do you do that, Mr.Jack? : o
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beautiful! amazing colours and shapes i love it
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The thing that I like in Blizzard's art directing the most is use of colors and Tyrande is a great example of it, you see her and you think "WOW!" ;)
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Oh, dude.  Spectacular work, I totally dig the classic visuals.

How awful is it that we can now consider Warcraft III to be classic?  I'm so old D':
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Not "Women of Warcraft"? Missed opportunity.
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if the first one stumbled over a rock and looked down she couldn't see her feet
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Beautiful Work<333
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It's my mains! :la: And they're gorgeous!
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So. Jaina got her boobs reduced in the final version. ^_^
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They are my favorite characters in the Warcraft series. :D
Two of my favourite characters in the game! Both heroes with great skin variations. I will be honest, I was a little taken aback by the oversized boobage here... Yes yes I know, sorry. I just have to say that I'm happy the in-game models are not quite as inflated (although Tyrande is pretty darn close). How come they didn't go with the new "white hair" look for Jaina? Maybe it can be part of a future skin for her?
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Doesn't one of her re-color skins have white hair? Or her master skin?
Both her regular skin and master skin have a colour variation with entirely white hair, it's the second variation. The third variation of her Winter Veil skin has grey hair, and so does the third variation of the Tempest Regalia skin. However, I was specifically thinking of the hair colouration shown in the artwork above (white with a streak of blonde), which is what her hair currently looks like in-game in World of Warcraft. :)
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Haha, yeah we definitely made sure Jaina in-game was considerably more reasonable.
The white-hair thing is something that happened later in her history, so because we stuck with her original War3 look we kept the hair her original colour too.
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