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Looked this guy up after seeing arvalis's sweet dragon version, and thought it was worth a sketch. Didn't spend very long on the block-in so the proportions aren't quite right, but I enjoyed it! 
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fun fact kapro dint had legs like this
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JaxLaPaxStudent Digital Artist
I love this so much!
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Impressive.  Love it!  Kapro has some attitude here.
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Nice! Don't you want to upload it to wikipedia (wikimedia commons)? You can only find inaccurate deciptions there, so that would be a nice addition.
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evelynzdragonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wait, why would it be inaccurate? Looks pretty accurate to me , because yanno the body of the Kaprosuches is not like a crocodile, it has longer legs and a More slender body! :D just my thought!
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This one is accurate, I meant the reconstructions on wikipedia (wikimedia commons) are inaccurate.
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evelynzdragonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooh ok, lol sorry to bother you!
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i'm love in it :D
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SenpaijaACLx3Hobbyist General Artist
That is one hell of a crocodile, good Work Wink/Razz 
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KreepingSpawnProfessional Traditional Artist
Gator-tude.  ;)
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PortableCatHobbyist Digital Artist
He is super cute X3 I love the detail :)
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TheBattyCrowHobbyist General Artist
These guys could gallop?! Now that's nightmare fuel! O_o
Love the pose, looks like he's got some real speed going on there ;)
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Ja like it c:
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kamawu00Hobbyist Artist
he is so cute :D awwww
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I love it!
the crocs just seems to move, in its own way, I feel like it will come out the picture and walk around my house!
so amazingly drawn! :D 
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little-owletteProfessional Digital Artist
Holy coooww this is amazing!  :omg:  I love the way you drew the scale texture, and the way his body flows is just incredibly pretty.  Nicely done!
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waterfreak121Hobbyist Artist
That is so cool!! I wish i can do that!!!
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X-StreamChaosHobbyist Traditional Artist
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My favourite prehistoric crocodile!
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DkundzinshProfessional Digital Artist
Pen and markers?
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prechocoStudent General Artist
Wow, this looks like you had a fun time drawing this one! It looks like such a relaxed piece of art. Great job :)
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prechocoStudent General Artist
Oh, and I love the tail :D
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