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Kael'thas, the Sun King

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Another Hero paintover for Heroes of the Storm; catching up on the backlog I haven't put up yet (but getting closer to the present!)
I've always been a big fan of Kael's look, and it was great to get him into the game.
Original model by Phill Gonzales and a lovely face by slipgatecentraltextures by Ted Park.
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W-O-T-A-NHobbyist Digital Artist
mmm sexy...
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I have to say that Prince Kael is one of my favorite WC characters, and that it's always a treat to see him. Thanks for giving us this view of him in full armor.
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WOW! he looks great, well done.
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Executor-HarukoProfessional Digital Artist
I don't know what the complaining is about for this. I am in total awe with the fact that Kael'thas is exactly how I remembered him from Warcraft III in this piece. He looks totally awesome :) And I for one have a great time playing as him in HotS. Beautiful work, Mr. Jack! I can't wait to see more from you!
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Dude, your kael face so different from raneman's work. I saw a lot comments complaining about it, on FB, saying its like a circus clown. I spent time playing on him and his look kinda bothers me too. Are you sure about giving him lipstick and that "smile"?
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zotheghostHobbyist General Artist
i love the art, but i dont like what kael became for HOTS, unfortunately. he doesnt have that frail, reliant-on-magic look; he has the same body type as arthas/thrall/etc. now and its very disappointing, he doesnt give off that air of cunning vile magician-king anymore
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AndantoniusProfessional Digital Artist
To be fair, that's mostly from his bulky cape and it's also more similar to his original Warcraft III look:…
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DragonCidProfessional General Artist
^^^ I agree!!!!!!!
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IttCortezHobbyist Writer
As much as i admire your style, i'm really sad how the official art of the Sun King ended up for HotS.

I just cant see him there. I always imagined him as a mix of these arts and IMHO that is how he should be portrayed until his death (Tempest Keep):…………

With the due respect, my biggest problems with the current art direction were:

* Those red pointy fingernails. He's not a Narthezin nor a demon and shouldnt be portrait as one until his fel revival after TK.

* He suffers from the same "hulky disproportion" of Arthas/Others, but that is due to HotS and i undestand.

* Blue/purple is not part of his pallet of colors. The cape and "Helmet" should be essentially: black, red and golden.

I also think that his face and hands were pushed over the edge to engage the demonic/vampire theme.

BTW, i still remember the calls when this was leaked: "Vampire drag queen", "Fat Dracula" D:

I will forever love Kael'thas and the magnificent lore behind him, the fall of Quel'thalas and the rise of the blood elves.

Sorry for the outburst. >.<  
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Not to take away anything from your work, cause it's awesome, but I hate the how HOTS just completely ripped off Dota. Change the eyes to white and color of the orbs magenta, blue or orange, and you got a solid Invoker. 
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worldbreaker9Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you're joking
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Dota2's Invoker is based on Dota's Kael which used Warcraft3's Kael'thas model. So... You mean Dota2 completely ripped off Blizzard? :) (Smile)
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JoshawaFrostProfessional Digital Artist
Really awesome!!!
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Should I unlock him?
I have the gold for him now. :3
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Midway2009Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like him. :headbang:
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