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Just an Overlord

A bit late putting this one up, the story's been out for a while now, BUT!

Check it out here
Just an Overlord
It was supposed to be an easy assignment: take a squad of recruits out to the ruins of Tarsonis, make camp at the abandoned Ghost Academy, and play war games for a few weeks to prep the recruits for combat. With Kerrigan out of the picture, the zerg are just mindless animals, hardly a threat to Dominion marines... right? As Meatbag Squadron is about to find out, even the supposedly most harmless zerg can be a terrifying enemy.

A wallpaper-sized version is up on the SC2 site, as well.
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he has not long to live... poor overlord

Robert-Ripley's avatar
amazing work.

as far as i could remember...overlords didn´t attack?
skyrier's avatar
maybe overlord's carrying the other zerg like hydralisks 0_0
Alpha2Omega80's avatar
You fucked up, Gage.
yeahhh79's avatar
DestroyerX5's avatar
Hmm thats the true size of overlords XD
Wonder if that thing can smack the marine with his claw or jsut derp like usual
BadLuck-ss's avatar
And it was at this moment he realized... He messed up
AdemKoc's avatar
haha hilerius man, i remember first time i played zerg like 17 years ago or something and i tried to attack the enemies with my overlord
ZanarNaryon's avatar
"It's just a overlord, I can take it"
TheMonkeysUnkle's avatar
And you know what? He totally can.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Because he's fucking James Eugene Raynor
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I really looooove the painting, just want to ask... shouldn't the marine be in red?

I have nothing to say if it's about the harmony of colors.. but..

Please don't beat me, I didn't mean it...!!

LOL who cares, we all love this.

redwolfradolf's avatar
You SAID "gimme something to shoot."

Well, here's something
Shoryuken8's avatar
saberkung's avatar
oh !!! not bad
Ragnarok6664's avatar
haha Overlord stare ^_^
ByunCaricature's avatar
its k, overlords have 0 attack
Attila419's avatar
This is a mindblowing story and the artwork fits to it very well. :D Just great!
TryTagAway's avatar
Awesome awesome creative work. Love the colors, love the tone, love the lines, the shading - awesome all around.
Pro-roro's avatar
Honestly, after reading the story i have a whole new respect for overlords. 

Awesome work Mr.Jack!
Yikes! Great Job! :D
wrath9's avatar
....Just a Marine....

I think it's pretty clear to anybody that those silent giants can be just as dangerous as any other member of the Swarm, in other words a efficient killing machine.....

By the way has anybody ever wondered what the Zerg would be capable of they could their Psionic potential in a more active manner than just to communicate with it?
Contraltissimo's avatar
Oh my gooooshh!!! :nuu: This is.... amazingly terrifying. :eager:

Yeah, that would startle me pretty good if I saw that thing looming up on me. XD XD XD
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